Chernobyl beats Game of Thrones to score a digital viewership record at HBO

FP Staff

Jun 14, 2019 17:46:06 IST

HBO's gripping miniseries Chernobyl, about the meltdown and explosion of the nuclear power plant in the USSR in 1986, has managed to get everyone's attention. The show is not only currently rated as the highest fan-scored TV show on IMDB, but has also set a new record for digital viewership at HBO.

During its five-episode run, Chernobyl netted over 52% of its total viewership from HBO Go, HBO Now, and other digital platforms. That breaks the previous record of 46%, held by none other than magnum opus Game of Thrones, and it’s the first series to pass the 50% mark in that realm, reports Deadline.

Chernobyl beats Game of Thrones to score a digital viewership record at HBO

A still from Chernobyl. Image from Twitter

The report further adds that Chernobyl  is getting cumulative viewership higher than Amy Adam's Sharp Objects (7.3 million), might soon surpass True Detective and is just under the star-studded Big Little Lies, but it does have one record all to itself.

Chernobyl premiered on 6 May and ended on 3 June. Craig Mazin (The Hangover II, The Hangover III and The Huntsman: Winter’s War) has created, written and executive produced the show, while Johan Renck has served as the director.

Jared Harris plays Valery Legasov, a Soviet nuclear physicist. Stellan Skarsgård is seen as Soviet Deputy Prime Minister Boris Shcherbina while Emily Watson is the fictional scientist Ulana Khomyuk.

Updated Date: Jun 14, 2019 17:46:06 IST