Charlie Chaplin 2 movie review: Prabhu Deva is wasted in this incoherent, unnecessary sequel

Sreedhar Pillai

Jan 25, 2019 18:02:54 IST


Kollywood is going through a phase of cashing in on franchises. Now director Sakthi Chidambaram has tried to cash in on the popularity of his hit 2002 comedy Charlie Chaplin, which was remade in six Indian languages.

However, 16 years later with Charlie Chaplin 2, Sakthi Chidambaram fails to recreate the old magic. Except for the two veteran Prabhus - Prabhu Deva and Prabhu Ganesan, the others are all new to the franchise comedy. Basically the film is some comic situations put together which, on paper may have made the team laugh but execution on screen falls flat. Please note the franchise film has nothing in common with the legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin.

 Charlie Chaplin 2 movie review: Prabhu Deva is wasted in this incoherent, unnecessary sequel

A still from Charlie Chaplin 2.

Thiru (Prabhu Deva) runs a matrimonial site and is credited with 99 successful marriages.  But it is the 100th marriage proposal which brings about the twist in the story. When he is sitting at Dr Ramakrishnan’s( Prabhu Ganesan) clinic he falls for a girl Sara (Nikki Galrani) and due to some misunderstanding he thinks she is going to die in 15 days. However he soon realises that it was her friend who had the rare medical condition and she is the daughter of Dr Ramakrishnan. Everything is sorted out but on the eve of the wedding, at a bachelors' party Thiru is urged by his friends to send a nasty video whatsapp message to Sara, causing more damage.

Charlie Chaplin 2 has no story or funny situations other than the usual women-bashing dialogues, objectification of the female actors, and elaborately choreographed songs with silly lyrics, including an item song on a beach. There are five songs in the two hour film making it drag. The idea seems to be to make Prabhu Deva, a dancing star, into an action hero who can do comedy. There is no logic as the narration is not coherent and the director seems to have taken the audiences for granted.

The film starts with Prabhu Deva bashing up a dozen goons single-handedly and the scene has no relevance to the story. In another scene out of nowhere a glamorous Adah Sharma (supposedly a psychology student) comes out of a flashy red sports car and tells our hero Prabhu Deva that he is handsome and that she loves him. Charlie Chaplin 2 has been long in the making which can be seen in the final product.

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