Censor Board to hold consultations before decision on Nihalani's list of 'abusive' words


Feb 24, 2015 22:46:55 IST

New Delhi: The censor board has decided to hold consultations with various sections of society before it takes a call on the controversial list banning the use of "objectionable" and "abusive" words that was circulated by its chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani.

A Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) statement released here said that in the first meeting of the board after Nihalani took charge, the issue of use of abusive language was discussed and there was a unanimous view that more consultation is required.

 Censor Board to hold consultations before decision on Nihalanis list of abusive words

Pahlaj Nihalani. Image courtesy: Facebook

"A list of objectionable words was compiled by Regional Officers way back in 2003. Chairman decided to circulate the same for easy reference and guidance. In the first meeting of the board held after his assumption of the charge apart from the other issues, the board also discussed the issue of 'use of abusive language' and it was of the unanimous view that the matter required further consultation with different sections of the society before it is implemented," CBFC CEO Shravan Kumar was quoted in the statement as saying.

The CBFC will hold a separate meeting to deliberate on this issue, the statement said.

Yesterday, the Board had discussed the issue related to the list of 28 "objectionable" and "abusive" words on which Nihalani had sought a ban, in a marathon meeting where the move met with stiff opposition.

The letter by Nihalani directed its regional officers not to issue certificates to films which use words, which are abuses in Hindi and English. It has also been specified that double meaning words, violence against women and glorification of bloodshed should not be allowed.

The move to completely ban all the words in the list met with much opposition from film-makers.

The Information and Broadcasting is also understood to have been not too pleased with controversies that were emanating from the censor board.

The ministry has however maintained that it stays away from matters related to certification.


Updated Date: Feb 24, 2015 22:46:56 IST