Calling Karan: Karan Johar tackles self-esteem issues, relationship boundaries in week two

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December 16, 2017 17:28:13 IST

Karan Johar is playing distressed lovers' agony aunt in Calling Karan, his radio show. The filmmaker-producer is dishing out advice to callers who share their problems with him. The problems range from insecurities in relationships to dealing with an obsessive partner. Some Bollywood celebrity often tune in and have a little chat with the host before he plunges into a 'reverse rapid fire'.

In the sixth episode, he discusses online dating. He counsels a girl, convincing her to ask her best friend's boyfriend to break up with his current girlfriend. He says he isn't on a "moral high-ground" here. This is what their conversation went like:

Caller: So I was using tinder around my second year graduation, just to freak her boyfriend out
And I swiped right on her boyfriend

Karan: Your best friend? and you right swiped her boyfriend? And what is her boyfriend doing on tinder?

Caller: Just to freak him out. And then well, even he swiped right on me. We got a match and had a fun conversation, and then we started talking a lot. we started liking each other eventually. But then suddenly one day he said,“I can’t leave Krittika” And that we could just be friends with benefits. Ethically speaking, it isn’t right because he is my best friend’s boyfriend.

Karan: Because darling, you can’t really talk about ethics. You were the one who right swiped first. And then, he wants you as a friend-with- benefits so he isn’t on an ethical high-ground either. So both of you are lovely beautiful messed up people. Accept that. Which is great. I love that. It’s important to be messed.

He also says that he is too famous to be on a dating app, yet here he is discussing online dating in a 15-minute radio show.

The seventh episode has another RJ-cum-actress. Sulu aka Vidya Balan calls in and the two have a fun chat. The episode is dedicated to long distance relationships. Johar seems to know what he is talking about and solves a lot of people's problems and lives in this episode.

In the eighth episode, Johar tackles self-esteem issues, counselling a troubled caller whose fiancé has been giving her a hard time. Bollywood singer Shaan joins him and the two discuss the best dressed man in Bollywood and the best on-screen couple.

The tenth episode is about boundaries in a relationship. Obsessive boyfriends checking phones, scanning emails and whatnot. However, Johar knows how to tackle this curveball and he tells the caller that her boyfriend might turn into a pathological liar, too, because that's a common trait seen in obsessive people. Kriti Sanon gives Karan a surprise call and the two chat for a few minutes before he goes in for the rapid fire.

So far, Johar has been dishing out advice freely. However, will he be present to take calls when it's time for damage control? Let's hope he is.

The show airs from Monday to Friday, twice a day. Watch episode six here:

Updated Date: Dec 16, 2017 17:28 PM