Calling Karan: Johar takes on issues of body-shaming, toxic relationships and love after divorce

FP Staff

Jan 12, 2018 19:05:11 IST

In another eventful week, Karan Johar returned with his radio show Calling Karan on Ishq FM, touted as India's only romantic radio station, and took on yet another array of controversial, intimate and often uncomfortable topics by the horns, as he proceeded to provide his gyaan the callers.

This week's episodes saw Johar take on the lofty topics of rejection, body-shaming, love after divorce and toxic relationships.

In the first segment Johar went in depth about rejection and how it makes one feel. He talked about all ends of the spectrum — whether you are the one who's facing the rejection or the one who is doing the rejecting. The episode also touched upon the topic of one sided love along with social media validation.

Kapil Sharma was the special caller for this show as he ambushed Johar and asked him when he will work with Kapil.

The second segment of the week touched upon the sensitive issue of body-shaming, with several deeply affected callers coming on air and sharing their woes.

It was during this episode that Johar publicly apologised to Alia Bhatt for asking her to lose weight at the start of her career, admitting that now that he has a daughter, he would never want her to go through an experience of body-shaming.

The celebrity caller for this segment was Arjun Rampal.

In the next segment Johar and his callers talked about finding love after divorce, with various people discussing their fears, insecurities and experiences in relationships after divorce.

Veteran actor Sridevi was the Bollywood caller for this episode.

The final segment of this week tackled the ever-prevalent issue of toxic relationships and the signs that you are in one. Johar gave sound advice to his callers, once again proving why he is widely considered the agony aunt of Bollywood. Secret Superstar actor Zaira Wasim was the celebrity caller for the segment.

Updated Date: Jan 12, 2018 19:05:11 IST