Caitlyn Jenner as Pennywise the clown? Conservative street artist spoofs Stephen King's It posters

FP Staff

Apr 24, 2017 15:54:25 IST

Caitlyn Jenner — the transgender inspiration and also ex retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete Bruce Jenner — and Pennywise the clown, a surreal antagonist played by Bill Skarsgard in the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King's horror masterpiece It, rarely cross paths in the news.

But thanks to Hollywood-based street artist Sabo, Jenner and Pennywise are finally gracing the same pages.

Caitlyn Jenner will be appearing on Tucker Carlson's Tonight Show, the first installment to replace the time-slot of now-ex-anchor Bill O'Reilly on 24 April. In anticipation for the show, Sabo has defaced ads of It appearing on bus benches for the upcoming film near Fox Studios (where Carlson's show is filmed).

In one of them, Jenner is seen peeking out of a sewer drain, where the clown from It dwells, trying to lure unsuspecting children into his lair. 'Tonight on Tucker Carlson: IT,' reads the text. 'Based on a novel reality.'

In another fake ad, behind glass at several bus stops, the scary clown's body has Jenner's head on it with the text 'IT on Tucker Carlson Tonight,' an indication that the artist expects his work to remain there for a least the next 24 hours.

Sabo, a street artist known for chastising Hollywood, created the phony posters knowing he'd probably be verbally attacked for the politically incorrect nature of his most recent work.

He talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his Caitlyn Jenner artwork. "I converted to the Muslim faith and I joined ISIS, so what's going on with Bruce Jenner goes against my new-found faith." Sabo said, "If any progressives have a problem with this poster, then I’ll just have to label them 'Islamophobic.'"

"This poster pales in comparison to throwing Bruce off a building or hanging him the way we Muslims do in many countries, and progressives don't seem to have a problem when we do that," Sabo added.

Sabo has been busy since November's presidential election. The street artist has taken aim at Hollywood, with a series of fake realtor posters skewering celebrities who vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump were elected, and a series of posters mocking the film industry's 'unwatchable movies.'

Earlier this month, Sabo poked fun at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with a series of fake advertisements for a line of barbeque called 'Trump's North Korean BBQ,' which featured the head of the dictator imposed onto the body of a roasted pig.

The remake of It hits theatres September 8, with Bill Skarsgard set to play the clown Pennywise.

Updated Date: Apr 24, 2017 15:54:25 IST