Buckaasuura movie review: This Rohitt starrer is a confused, haphazard narrative posing as a thriller

Karthik Keramalu

Apr 28, 2018 11:28:16 IST


The Karvva team is back after two years with this week's Kannada release Buckaasuura. It isn’t a difficult word at all; it’s just spelled with some extra letters – like the hero’s real name, Rohitt. Even Karvva has an additional ‘V’ in it. You may ask, “What has this got to do with this week’s release?” But here’s the catch: the movie starts off with the protagonist visiting various astrologers in the city.

Rohitt has co-written and co-produced the film and he plays Arya, a kind of man who isn’t happy with what he has. He decides to change his name to Mani (or Money, since that’s what he’s really after) to swim in the pool of wealth.

Buckaasuura movie review: This Rohitt starrer is a confused, haphazard narrative posing as a thriller

A still from Buckaasuura.

Arya seems like a well-read guy. In the opening-minutes, he takes up a case where he’s pitted against the wits of a temple priest. This strand of the story (where he asks everybody to call him Mani) isn’t carried forward after a point, and, it tends to take a back seat in the overall-narrative.

The title and the tagline – Buckaasuura (for Money) – give away the major theme of the film, and, that for a thriller drama is a deterrent. We already know how far Arya can go to make money. Also, it’s pretty evident from the trailers. What makes this movie partly interesting is, however, the writing behind the second case. It involves getting a man – accused of rape – off the hook. Arya’s lack of sympathy for the victim is, again, a red herring because there’s a particular scene where it’s clear that he’s recording the conversation with the accused on his mobile.

The few twists and turns that Buckaasuura has, can be easily predicted. In fact, Arya’s every move is predictable. Isn’t that an awful trait for an advocate to possess?

Also, Rohitt and Navneeth (co-writer and director) may have a problem with writing female characters. What’s Kavya Gowda doing in the movie? Was she at least given the bound script? Her character’s arc begins and ends nowhere. Wait, there was no character arc to begin with. Writers and filmmakers get the mother part right because they use it to milk sentiment; but they have no idea what to do with the girlfriend-character.

Buckaasuura isn’t a thorough entertainer. It has a good scene here and a funny line there. The momentum takes a hit as there aren’t enough situations to invest your energy in the proceedings.

Updated Date: Apr 28, 2018 11:28:16 IST