Bride of Frankenstein script is 'brilliant, unique and relatable' says Alex Kurtzman


Jun,07 2017 13:35:09 IST

London: Screenwriter Alex Kurtzman has said the script of upcoming film Bride of Frankenstein is brilliant.

Alex Kurtzman. Image via Facebook

Alex Kurtzman.
Image via Facebook

The writer of the The Mummy reboot is working alongside scriptwriter David Koepp on the next installment of the Dark Universe, which is set to follow the Tom Cruise reboot, and Kurtzman said the structure of the script is "very unique", reported Contactmusic.

"David Koepp wrote a brilliant script. A brilliant script with a very unique structure and a central relationship that I think is gonna be relatable to a lot of people while also being very true to what I believe people love about Bride.

"Here's the weird thing about Bride of Frankenstein. It is one of the weirdest movies you'll ever see in your life. It is such a strange film. What amazes me is that the bride doesn't show up until, what, the last ten minutes of the film?" Kurtzman said.

Updated Date: Jun 07, 2017 13:35 PM