Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston opens up on childhood trauma: alcoholic mom, abandoned by dad


Oct,11 2016 13:31:34 IST

London: Actor Bryan Cranston has opened up about his childhood, and has revealed he was abandoned by his father and his mother turned to alcohol.

The actors' father Joe abandoned the family when Cranston was 11 years old and his mother Peggy turned to alcohol to cope, leading him, who has two sisters, to be sent away to live on his grandparents farm and he is still 'dealing with the pain' from his youth, reported Female First.

Bryan Cranston. Image courtesy: Facebook

Bryan Cranston. Image courtesy: Facebook

"There's still a lot of pain I'm dealing with. Its worse than if they died in a car crash, because they were still there physically, somewhere. My mum and dad up through 10 years old were really wonderful, that's what was so awful about it.

"My mother was engaging and my dad was my coach; we did things together and he brought home a donkey for us to play with. Then it all disappeared. He chose not to be with us or see us or be a father. My mother chose to become an alcoholic and drown her sorrows and sadness and resentment. She was like a ghost of herself. And no one ever explained why he left," he said.

The 60-year-old actor reconciled with both his parents before they died and revealed he found a note from his father which read, "The highlight of my life was when my children forgave me."

Updated Date: Oct 11, 2016 13:31 PM