Bond fans forced to watch 30 mins of ads before 'Skyfall' at theatres


Oct 29, 2012 17:28:39 IST

London:  James Bond fans in the UK are being forced to sit through as long as 30 minutes of advertisements before the screening of Skyfall at movie halls.

The 23rd Bond film, which released in the UK on October 26, is being used as a medium to promote a number of brands
with a number of commercials and previews being shown long before the opening credits, reported Daily Mail.

 Bond fans forced to watch 30 mins of ads before Skyfall at theatres

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Five of the adverts feature the secret agent, including ones for Heineken, Omega watches and a Bond aftershave. And even before Adele's opening theme, the spy, played by Daniel Craig, appears in an action sequence with the camera lingering on his Omega watch. The onslaught of brands prompted many fans to complain on Twitter.

"Product placement aplenty and Adele hasn't even sung yet," said one. Another wrote, "Wow, sickening number of Bond product placement ads. Am sick of 007 and Skyfall hasn't even started yet!" Many grew even unhappier once the film began. They were irked by seeing Bond enjoying Heineken instead of his trademark Martini, and by the frequent use of Sony products.

Heineken had a product placement deal for Craig's previous two Bond films, 'Casino Royale' and 'Quantum of Solace', but this is the first time he is seen drinking  the beer.

It has not been confirmed how much the 'Skyfall' deal is worth, but before agreeing to it the producers had reportedly
already raised 29 million pounds from product placement deals – approximately a third of the film's budget.


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