Kedarnath: KriArj Entertainment executive alleges Abhishek Kapoor made unreasonable demands during shoot

FP Staff

Feb 13, 2018 12:34:00 IST

Abhishek Kapoor's upcoming romance Kedarnath has entered rough waters as the filmmaker has reportedly broken ties with KriArj Entertainment and is looking for a new studio to fund the massive project.

Motion poster of Kedarnath. YouTube

Motion poster of Kedarnath. YouTube

DNA reports that irregular payments from KriArj and alleged unreasonable demands by director Abhishek Kapoor have been cited as the main reasons for the fallout.

Girish Johar from KriArj says to DNA, “Every story has two sides. Please listen to our side. Abhishek wasn’t able to keep his end of the bargain on most counts. It was he who breached the agreement first. He was to finish a major chunk of the film at Kedarnath in October 2017. However, when the unit returned, we realised that this commitment was not fully met. There was a lot of wastage.”

Abhishek reportedly asked for Rs 40 crores from KriArj for the satellite, digital and music rights. Johar further says to DNA, “We were game to giving in to reasonable demands as far as the production goes. However, we are not keen on throwing our money into a well. However, if Abhishek has decided to move on, we would like to state on record that we are not at fault. You must know the why and why-not of a situation before coming to any conclusion.’’

Deccan Chronicle reports that Prernaa Arora reportedly did not take the fact in good spirit that Abhishek insisted Kedarnath's release on December 21 as it was the same day when Shah Rukh Khan's Zero will be hitting big screens. Prernaa, who is negotiating with SRK for an upcoming project, had strictly resisted the idea of the box office clash.

Updated Date: Feb 13, 2018 12:34:00 IST