Children of Bollywood stars allegedly thrash, bully classmate; no immediate action from police

FP Staff

August 29, 2017 17:52:43 IST

Two children of Bollywood celebrities have been accused of allegedly brutally assaulting their classmate, and they are now facing a police probe. One of these children is the son of an actor and the other is the son of a cinematographer, reports Mid-Day.

Representational image. AFP

Representational image. AFP

This case is the first instance where the complaint has gone directly to the juvenile court. The case rested with the police for roughly three months after the court ordered it to investigate.

These two boys have been accused of bullying the 13-year-old victim after one of them reportedly had an argument with him in school. Four minors, including these two boys, then went on to beat up the victim outside his house, and even threatened to "finish him off" by returning with 50 more people.

The police complaint filed by the victim and his father states that the incident took place in the first week of April. It also mentions that the fight broke out when the victim was playing with the actor's son. The victim was allegedly punched and kicked.

Apparently, to cover up their act, the perpetrators assaulted the victim at a place which was out of the view of CCTV cameras, and they shot a video of the incident which makes it look like they were teaching him martial arts. The incident was finally brought to a stop when an elderly lady spotted the boys.

When the father of the victim went to the police station to file a complaint, instead of making a diary entry, which is the protocol when it comes to cases involving juveniles, the police allegedly filed a non-cognisable (NC) offence. The advocate of the victim has stated that despite making repeated visits to the police station, the cops did not act in accordance with the law.

A month after they filed the initial complaint, the victim moved the juvenile court in May. In June, the court ordered the Oshiwara police to investigate and gave them a deadline of 18 August to file a report. As the cops have allegedly failed to do so, they have been given a new deadline — 15 September.

The parent of the alleged perpetrator has said that his son is innocent, and that the incident took place during a football match. He also claims that his son did not participate in the violence, as he was standing on the side.

Updated Date: Aug 29, 2017 17:52 PM