Adnan Sami to make his acting debut with Afghan, about a foreign musician finding refuge in India

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Jun 28, 2017 14:19:33 IST

Adnan Sami is going to be seen in a romantic musical-adventure film titled Afghan sometime in the first half of 2018. After the musician's cameo in Bajrangi Bhaijaan (on Salman Khan's request), this movie will see Sami on screen once again — playing an Afghan musician who comes to India after facing severe discrimination in his own motherland. Upon arrival, Sami's character goes on to find love in many shapes and forms in the diverse Indian subcontinent.

Adnan Sami to make his acting debut with Afghan, about a foreign musician finding refuge in India

Adnan Sami. Image via Twitter

The movie is by director duo Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao of Lucky: No Time for Love (2005) fame. The shooting for the movie is expected to commence in August this year. Sami will be seen portraying a character that is close to his heart, along with being similar to him and his journey in real life. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Sami feels that facing the camera for music videos is an easy task, as he usually plays himself on screen and the songs tend to have a lot of his heart and soul in them.

Sami hasn't been to Afghanistan in years, however the movie's shooting schedule will see him returning there, as the film celebrates the brotherhood between India and Afghanistan.

Having come to India in 1999, Sami recently received his Indian citizenship (on 1 January 2016) after what can only be described as a long winded and tumultuous process.

“Under a Special Clause the Government of India can grant citizenship to someone for exemplary services in the field of art, science and sport. The clause, in existence since 1955, was applied for the first time in my case. And finally, the country I’d accepted as my aashiyana 17 years ago, the India jise mein qabool tha, became my own. It was a spectacular finale,” Sami said according to Mumbai Mirror.

Sami will not only be seen in the lead role, but also be composing seven songs for Afghan.

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