Bobby Deol on sharing screen space with Dharmendra: When we are working, we're not relatives

Abhishek Srivastava

Aug 29, 2018 18:09:16 IST

The positive transformation in the body language of actor Bobby Deol is apparent these days. Bobby could be a classic example of how things change overnight for an actor post a successful film. The success of Race 3 has given a new lease of life to his Bollywood career which few years back was more like downward spiral. Now, the actor is all geared up for another appearance alongside his father and brother for the third installment of the Yamla Pagla Deewana series, titled Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se.

Bobbe Deol. Image from Twitter/@themunsifdaily

Bobby Deol. Image from Twitter/@themunsifdaily

The actor, who believes that glamourous roles suit him best, seems comfortable in his black shirt and blue denims at a suburban Mumbai five-star hotel. The third installment of YPD will witness the amalgamation of Punjabi and Gujarati culture after having touched Uttar Pradesh and Britain in the past. It’s a repeat for Bobby and Sunny who play brothers again in this film too but their father Dharmendra this time plays an outsider.

But more than YPDPS, it’s the mention of Salman Khan which lights up his face. The actor has only words of gratitude for the star. About Khan, Bobby mentions that he wants him to do good films henceforth and not pick films for the sake of it. He also reveals Salman’s concern about his fitness regime which sometimes forces the superstar to call and enquire from his trainer if he is following a disciplined approach or not. “Normally, it’s your family who always thinks about your wellbeing but Salman is not like that. He thinks about everybody. There are very few people like him in this world. He treats me like his younger brother and he does not have to. When I signed Race 3, he only said that he was helping me because I was required for the film. After the success, he said that I had put in my hard work and that’s why I was appreciated. He still does not take credit for the film and that’s the kind of person he is,” reveals Bobby. Bobby also informs that it was only because of Salman’s effort that Rekha, Shatrughan Sinha and Sonakshi became part of Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se.

Bobby is fully aware of the fact that he has been granted one more opportunity by the industry and that there will be no more chances after this. The enthusiasm to make most of his second innings is written all over his persona and he is candid enough to admit the mistakes he has committed. “It's only when you lose things that you realise their importance. Till the time you don’t realise the importance of things, you can’t make any progress. When I realised this, I had lost everything which I never wanted in first place. Thankfully, now I have regained my energy and its similar to the energy of a 20-year-old boy.”

Prod him further to elaborate on the factors that made him lackadaisical towards his career and he mentions that it all started after he signed films for director Dharmesh Darshan. “I had become upset that good films were not coming my way. This also made me angry and I started drinking. We are all human beings and resort to things which make us forget things for a few moments but again, the next morning, the realities of life are there in front of you. As human beings, we tend to become sad and restless very soon and then bad thoughts make their way into your mind. It's only when you start realising things that you begin the process of changing yourself. Ultimately, one learns from his past mistakes.”

Protecting the privacy of his family members is something that Bobby has learnt from his own family. When both his sons got exposed to the media at the recently held IIFA awards, it hardly took time for the images to go viral. “I try my best to ensure that my sons are away from such things. We were brought up in a similar manner as kids and we hardly attended film functions. There is every possibility that the limelight and glamour of the industry might just play with their mind. Kids often get carried away as they are not intelligent enough to sift between right and wrong influences.” Bobby further reveals that he was performing at the award function after a long gap and wanted his family to be by his side and it was only after much cajoling that both his sons joined him for the ceremony.

This is also the fourth time that Bobby will be acting in a film alongside his dad Dharmendra. Ask him if he is still scared of sharing screen space with his father and the actor informs that once he is in the character, nothing bothers him. “It was difficult when I was facing him for the first time in Apne. Sensing my nervousness, my dad called me and said that there is nothing much to think and whatever needs to be done, ought to be done with complete dedication. That really worked for me. At the end of the day, he is my father and when we are working in films, we are not relatives.” On a lighter note Bobby adds that it also gives him an opportunity to cross a few barriers which are not possible in real life. Dharmendra's 1975 release Pratiggya remains his favourite flick and he says that if given a chance, he would like to remake it someday.

The non-controversial persona of the actor is something that’s often intrigued media and people at large. While most of his contemporaries have often seen themselves embroiled in some controversy or the other, Junior Deol has successfully kept such storms at bay throughout his career. “I always try lead a simple life and I simply can’t handle complications. Simplicity has its own charm. I have never thought of myself as an achiever. It could also be possible that everything was available to me at home and thus, I never ventured outside to find the same. My wife is my biggest strength and she is the one who has to bear the maximum. She is the one who understands my pain and sorrow more than my parents and brother,” signs off Bobby with a smile.

Updated Date: Aug 29, 2018 18:09:16 IST