Blade Runner 2049 trailer: Take a walk through the hyper-real cityscape of Los Angeles

FP Staff

May,09 2017 19:00:07 IST

The new trailer for the long awaited follow-up to Ridley Scott's seminal action thriller Blade Runner is here, and it looks great. Ridley Scott started the development of the film in 1999 but couldn't take it forward for some reason or another and returned to helm his other film Alien. Now with Denis Villeneuve as the director and Ridley Scott as the producer, the film is set to release with Harrison Ford returning to play his iconic character of Rick Deckard.

Harrison Ford returns to play Rick Deckard, a member of the special task force in Los Angeles who is employed to hunt down and 'retire' replicants.

Ryan Gosling plays a seemingly younger version, 'Officer K' who seems to be on a similar mission, but the second trailer shows more of the hyper-surreal cityscape that LA might become in the future.

Through the themes of technology and a dystopian future, Blade Runner 2049 takes a look at the themes of corporate dehumanisation, notes Vox.

As Jared Leto mentions at the start of the trailer, 'corporations created replicants to be a 'disposable workforce.' Dehumanization is prominent as a theme throughout Blade Runner, and 2049 makes it even more explicit.

An early shot from the desert world gives us the classic sci-fi 'naked bodies in containers' image to reveal the assembly-line element of replication, while virtual images of sexualised women appear in the city's 3D ads repeatedly throughout the trailer suggesting that the thin line of commercialising women's bodies has been blurred.'

Here's Blade Runner 2049 which releases on 6 October:

Updated Date: May 09, 2017 20:05 PM