Black Mirror: Netflix India takes jab at Aadhaar card in promotional clip for Hang the DJ

FP Staff

Jan 05, 2018 14:45:44 IST

Dystopian anthology show Black Mirror debuted its fourth season on Netflix last week, returning with six stand-alone stories exploring the darker consequences of a world digitally connected.

On Thursday, Netflix tweeted a promotional clip from an episode ("Hang the DJ") of its hit show with an interesting twist by taking a jab at not just dating apps but also the Aadhaar card.

The episode imagines a near-future where characters use a dating app called System, which enables users to get into romantic relationships — each with an expiry date — until they find their "ultimate compatible other." In the clip tweeted by Netflix, the character (Frank) asks the device the expiry date of his relationship when the device prompts, "Link Aadhaar Card To Find Out". Expectedly, the tweet drew a lot of praise on social media due to its topical relevance and earned more than 3000 retweets and likes.

Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric identity card programme but has continually triggered claims that it is an infringement of privacy of citizens. Initially created to help citizens access government services, Aadhaar details have subsequently been deemed mandatory for the opening of new bank accounts and the provision of telephone numbers.

Black Mirror serves as a modern day Aesop’s Fables, set in alternative realities similar to present day society and centered on the impact of technology on humanity.

Season 4 of Black Mirror is available for streaming on Netflix.

Updated Date: Jan 05, 2018 14:45:44 IST