Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar, 8 October 2017: Golmaal cast joins Salman Khan; Zubair Khan gets eliminated

Seema Sinha

October 08, 2017 23:16:00 IST

Salman Khan begins the show with the announcement of the eviction of Priyank for breaking the rules and getting physical with inmates. While Shilpa, Arshi, Puneesh and Akash celebrate his ouster, Vikas feels guilty. Hina argues about why no action was taken against Arshi for pushing her. Hina also threatens to leave the house if Priyank was evicted. Priyank is called in the confession room and Hina advices him to apologise to Bigg Boss.

Soon Arshi has a fight with Sapna as the latter had passed a funny comment when she was told to sit on a bull by the host as part of punishment. Hiten tells Sapna to calm down.  Since Priyank takes too long to return, inmates wonder what could have happened as they are not aware of Priyank's eviction.

Zubar suddenly feels unwell and he leaves the house to meet a doctor. Salman announces that Zubair is under medical observation. Besides Zubair, rest of the nominated contestants include: Arshi, Jyoti, Bandagi and Shilpa. Further, Salman, while expressing surprise, tells them that in the seven seasons that he hosted in the past, he has never ever seen this kind of celebration when someone is evicted. Salman feels that Priyank unnecessarily got trapped in the situation.

Vikas questions Salman on whether there were different set of rules for girls pushing each other and wonders why was Arshi spared. Salman tells him that she wasn’t as aggressive as Priyank, and further warns Arshi to mind her language.

Soon Salman announces the first official task — 'Sultani Akhada' task between Sapna and Arshi. Salman explains the rules and says that the first round will be verbal. The two will have a war of words about why they deserve to win the task. The contestant for whom most contestants whistle will win the round. In Sapna and Arshi’s war of words  Sapna wins the first round and Arshi starts saying that it’s group-ism. Salman corrects her by saying that it’s respect and love for Sapna and not group-ism. The second round is a physical one where they have to push each other in a pit using the oars that have been provided to them. The two start performing with Sultan’s title track playing in the background. Salman monitors the task himself this time. Sapna defeats Arshi in the second round, too and Arshi says that she cheated.

Salman says that Sapna won the game fair and square. The third round is more important since the winner gets three points for it. The third round will have them doing the task that they did in the second round but with a blindfold. This time, the makers play Dangal’s title track.

Sapna manages to defeat Arshi yet again and Salman declares her a winner. Salman makes fun of Arshi after asking her if she hurt her head. He gives Sapna a medal while declaring her the winner of the task. The contestants run to greet Sapna and congratulate her on the win. Arshi sulks over losing the task. Shilpa tells her off for behaving like this but she throws a fit anyway.

Arshi blames her friends in the house for not whistling for her. She refuses to put the mic on and Shilpa just asks her to accept the nonsensical mistakes she makes in the house. The other contestants inside the house make fun of Arshi.  Shilpa loses her cool at Arshi and asks her to not talk to her ever again. Salman talks about Arshi being a sulky loser but gets interrupted by Gaurav Gera aka Dimpy Kohli who is  lonely. She celebrates 'Karva Chauth' with Salman and leaves.

Golmal Again cast at Bigg Boss 11 with Salman Khan

Salman then welcomes Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty, who have come to promote Golmaal Again. Salman congratulates Rohit for a successful season ofKhatron Ke Khiladi 8.  Rohit then challenges Salman for a task. He asks Ajay to put on headphones and turn the volume up. He then asks Salman to mouth a sentence and Ajay to guess it. The two keep switching headphones and Salman wins the challenge. The rest of the Golmaal team is inside the house. The celebs enter the house with a task and the contestants are asked to ignore the celebs.

Parineeti Chopra, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu and Tusshar Kapoor start irritating the contestants in different ways but they just don't react and ignore them. As soon as the buzzer goes off, everyone hugs each other. They greet each other and Shreyas imitates a line from the film. They leave the house with Parineeti accepting that the contestants were tough. Soon after they join Salman on the stage.

And finally, something unexpected happens. Arshi suddenly has a change of heart, she accept her mistakes and hugs it out with all the contestants, including Hina, Hiten, Sapna and Vikas. Sapna hands over her the medal that she won in the task. Next, Salman talks to four padosis who are still waiting to enter the house  But before that they have to be well prepared with their story and characters they have to play that can convince the inmates.

Salman warns them of the impending danger They fear that they might get caught by Vikas, Hina or Hiten, who appear to be the smart ones.  Soon it is time to announce the elimination, and after lot of suspense, Salman announces Zubair’s ouster.  With Priyank and Zubair evicted, the house is left with 12 contestants, excluding four padosis.

Updated Date: Oct 08, 2017 23:16 PM