Bigg Boss Telugu week 7 updates: Strong contender Prince eliminated; Navdeep reveals secret during task

Mridula Ramadugu

Sep,11 2017 18:11:35 IST

While the last seven weeks saw many exits, eliminations, entries and twists, it looks like the episode aired on 10 September left contestants, viewers and Jr NTR shocked.

Prince on Bigg Boss Telugu. Image from Facebook

Prince on Bigg Boss Telugu. Image from Facebook

Just two days after being picked as the number one contestant of this season by his fellow housemates, Prince exited Bigg Boss Telugu, leaving behind a trail of thought-provoking messages, especially for his best buddy in the house, Adarsh. "I expected to see you in the finals and play right till the end with the same spirit, which is why I can't believe you are already standing next to me during eliminations," said Jr NTR to Prince. Hari Teja, Archana, Adarsh and Navdeep are now the safe zone.

Here is what went down in the Bigg Boss Telugu house in the last week:

Adarsh up against wild card entries

The spotlight was on Adarsh the entire week for expressing his views on the wild card entries. The actor nominated Diksha as his choice of captain against Navdeep, as he strongly felt that it was unfair that Navdeep, as a wild card entry, should get such a strong position. After all, he joined the game midway. While Hari Teja, too, criticised Navdeep for this reason, the contestant later went on to let go of the 'wild card' tag and just played the game.

Adarsh. Image from Facebook

Adarsh. Image from Facebook

Did Adarsh's tactic cost him too much? This may just be true. The actor was pulled up by Jr NTR during the weekend for questioning the format of the show and for being the reason behind Prince's nomination. NTR left Adarsh puzzled and guilty, but did not reveal all. The  host gave us hints of how the discrimination Adarsh faced due to his wild card entry might have just cost him his best buddy's elimination. Now, why was this projected in such a way? We can't wait for NTR to reveal.

Diksha ranked as least favourite contestant

In a task where they had to rank their fellow contestants from one to six, Diksha was once again given the last position. While fellow housemates discussed each other's strengths and awarded ranks, Prince was nominated as the number one contestant.

Hari Teja was ranked number two, Navdeep was awarded the third position, Archana took the fourth place, Adarsh placed fifth and Diksha unhappily occupied the sixth position.

Most housemates had unanimously agreed that the actor had it in him to win Bigg Boss Telugu and thus the weekend's elimination was quite surprising for them. They were left teary-eyed when Prince exited the house and spoke about how much Prince will be missed, especially as the strongest contender in the house.

Navdeep reveals his deepest secret

Among the many weekend tasks that the housemates were involved in with Jr NTR over the course of the show, this week's was an intense one.

NTR called it the 'Neepu lanti nizam' task and asked the contestants to reveal one hidden truth about themselves. While Hari Teja spoke about her grandmother's loss and others revealed their share of heavy-hearted memories, Navdeep turned emotional for almost the first time this season.

Navdeep on Bigg Boss Tamil. Image from Twitter

Navdeep on Bigg Boss Tamil. Image from Twitter

The actor spoke about a bike accident that took away the life of another family, and how that will be his biggest regret. He even apologised publicly to the family, which moved Jr NTR, too, to do the same.

Prince throws the big bomb on Diksha

According to Bigg Boss, the housemate who receives the 'Big Bomb' this week has to crawl every time he/she wants to get somewhere. In this task, contestants are not allowed to walk at all, and before signing off, Prince subtly threw it on Diksha. 'I love you Diksha' the actor said as he signed off, leaving Diksha frazzled about the bomb that she has to bear for the next week.

Week seven at the Bigg Boss Telugu house also saw actor Allari Naresh visit to promote his film Meda Meedha Abbayi. A week of guest appearances, back-to-school tasks, haunted house pranks and difficult goodbyes later, the housemates are ready to brace week eight with Shiv Balaji as the new captain.

With the housemates down to six, the competition at the Bigg Boss Telugu house is now getting serious. Who will face nominations this week? Will the wild card entries Navdeep and Diksha face discrimination again? Only time will tell.

Updated Date: Sep 11, 2017 18:11 PM