Bigg Boss Telugu week 6 update: Mumaith Khan returns, Vijay Devarakonda visits contestants

Mridula Ramadugu

August 27, 2017 18:28:44 IST

The Bigg Boss Telugu house is currently experiencing the proverbial calm after the storm. From Mumaith Khan coming back and leaving the housemates stunned, to Vijay Devarakonda's visit and the most recently, the elimination of Dhanraj, week six has been quite eventful, and indicates the beginning of a drastic change in the relationships of the housemates.

Also, if you were thinking that week six eliminations are done and dusted, then hold on. As Jr NTR put it, this week is truly the "Double Dhamaka" week, much like week four when both Mahesh Kathi and Kalpana were voted out.

Jr NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu. Image from Facebook

Jr NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu. Image from Facebook

While Shiva Balaji is now out of eliminations and Dhanraj's fate has already been decided, all eyes are now on Archana and Katthi Kartheeka, the last two contestants left in week six's nominations. Here's what went down over the past week:

Dhanraj gets eliminated

Last night, Dhanraj was probably the most excited contestant when the elimination results were announced. The comedian jumped and screamed after Jr NTR called out his name, and instantly got out of the house. This unusual behaviour perhaps comes after a long week of claiming that he does not want to play the game anymore, and that he always took the reality show as 'shooting' a TV serial and not a 'game'.

Dhanraj will take stage with Jr NTR tonight and that's not all — one more contestant from the Bigg Boss Telugu house will join the two, as this week, it is a double elimination.

Archana gets emotional

Archana was the fourth person to be eliminated this week. But the actress did not seem to take it lightly. Nominated for the second week in a row, Archana was extremely distressed with the choice of her housemates and refused to accept their reasons. The contestants had their reasons like "She's yet to change a few aspects about herself", and "She nags too much", but Archana seemed totally frazzled.

While she seemed to take it quite hard on herself, Dhanraj seemed to be playing a different game altogether. The comedian got into the good books of Archana by mentioning her as the top contestant, and that she is perfect, during a private discussion. This move came as a surprise to many, including Mumaith, who was watching the goings-on of the first two days of the week through a secret room.

Mumaith makes a controversial comeback

As we already know, the housemates were under the assumption that Mumaith was eliminated, but Jr NTR introduced a twist by sending her to the secret room for two days. The actress not only watched the housemates battle it out in the tasks, but she also observed the changing dynamics. The aspect of this week which was most focused on was her opinion that Dhanraj has now completely changed. This was quite evident when Dhanraj stepped out of the house and Mumu did not react as she usually did.

Mumaith Khan in the Bigg Boss Telugu House. Image from Twitter

Mumaith Khan in the Bigg Boss Telugu House. Image from Twitter

The two were known for their close friendship and rapport in the Bigg Boss Telugu house, but things took a different turn over the past week. Mumaith made a return almost two days later with the 'Gaja Donga' task where housemates had to battle thieves to protect their belongings. Mumaith entered as the head thief, and what happened after was a round of confessions, from her exclusively, of course.

The actress put forth her opinion on each and every housemate and even warned a few about playing the game wisely. She advised Archana about being non-defensive, complimented Prince for playing the game right, encouraged Balaji to be himself, and said that she was the most disappointed about Dhanraj. Mumaith stressed on how Dhanraj mentioned that he did not want to play the game anymore so he shouldn't be doing so, and how everyone was falling for his smart tactics.

Things did turn pretty serious for the next few hours after her visit, with everyone now contemplating the reason behind Mumaith's serious tone and what she was saying.

Vijay Devarakonda visits, promotes Arjun Reddy

Tollywood actor Vijay Devarakonda has been trending on social media because of his latest release Arjun Reddy, and he has already received some rave reviews for it. During the promotions of the film, the actor visited the house and had a gala time with the housemates. While Vijay spoke about the controversies that surrounded his movie due to the posters, he also discussed Bigg Boss Telugu and the kind of response it has received so far.

A still from Arjun Reddy. Image from Facebook

A still from Arjun Reddy. Image from Facebook

The actor complimented the players for impressing the Telugu audience and even mentioned that his mother is hooked to the reality show. "Mumaith and Hari Teja are my mom's favourite contestants," Devarakonda said.

Apart from Devarakonda visiting the house, the housemates had another interesting day as they celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi. Navdeep, as Ganesha, had a sit-down with his team mates and discussed all things Bigg Boss.

Hari Teja is the new captain

After battling it out for almost three hours, Hari Teja won the captaincy this week. This week's task saw Mumaith, Hari Teja and Archana balance on a pole in the swimming pool to win the captaincy. While Archana gave up pretty early, Mumaith and Hari Teja were neck-to-neck, as housemates were instructed to throw balls at least favourite candidate. Though Mumaith had a tiff with Archana after the task, the two later made up. But Hari Teja still did not seemed too pleased with Mumaith's unnecessary argument about the task.

Which housemate will leave the house this week and who will continue to play the game? We can't wait for Jr NTR to take over this Sunday night and reveal it all.

Updated Date: Aug 27, 2017 18:28 PM