Bigg Boss Telugu week 1: Contestants celebrate Father's Day; model-actress Nandini Rai joins the game

Mridula Ramadugu

June 18, 2018 14:56:24 IST

Just one week into the second season and the Bigg Boss Telugu house has already been divided into multiple groups. It's been a week of drama, taxing luxury budget tasks and some surprises as well.

With contestants Tejaswi Madivada and Sanjana constantly at loggerheads the entire week, the audience had expected the two to run the show for a while. But Nani the host had not one but two surprises for the first elimination round.

Nandini Rai and Sanjana Anne. Image from Twitter

Nandini Rai and Sanjana Anne. Image from Twitter

The house participated in the first nominations this week which brought Nutan Naidu, Deepthi Sunaina, Sanjana, Ganesh, Kaushal to the eliminations. While Nani announced the eviction of Sanjana, he also sprung a surprise by introducing a new contestant — Nandini Rai, pageant winner and actor.

While the housemates are yet to discover the entry of another contestant, here is everything that unfolded in the first week of season two.

Sanjana, the prisoner

Unlike season one, season two's very first episode has set the pace for the turbulent times ahead. A few minutes into the house, the participants areare asked to nominate two people as jail inmates. The housemates quickly went go on to state that they are doing this with zero intention and send Sanjana and Nutan to jail.

While Tejaswi, Kireeti and Kaushal among others seem very friendly with the two, Sanjana is already miffed by this incident. The very first episode of the week kick-starts with the Miss India finalist ranting and plotting against other housemates due to their decision, which she deems unfair. Almost a day later, Bigg Boss gives the contestants the power to unanimously take one person out of jail. On observing Nutan's carefree behavior and Sanjana's negative attitude, the participants naturally bring Nutan out. This move sets the pattern for Sanjana's wrath which continues in the first nominations as well.

Sanjana Vs Tejaswi

This week had a rather long luxury budget task, with the house getting divided into two teams. The 'Cheppandu Prabhu' task had both the teams acting as owners and servants one by one. The task revealed many differences between the housemates apart from just entertaining the audience with ramp walks and skits. The war between Sanjana and Tejaswi also started during the task.

While Tejaswi is blunt about her opinions, Sanjana begins to feel that she is being unnecessarily targeted. Owing to their different personalities, the two fall under the same team and never seem to agree on anything. So much so that, it leads to an episode of Tejaswi breaking down and blaming her friends Tanish, Samrat and others, for being pitted against Sanjana in a court task.

Meanwhile, the women of the house get caught up in tasks and arguments. Bhanu and Geetha are mostly neutral, yet seem to agree with few others about Tejaswi's dominant behaviour. Deepthi Sunaina on the other hand is the doll of the house, with everyone adoring her. But she too is caught up in a situation with Tejaswi.

Nutan Naidu, the antagonist

In the midst of the luxury budget task, the Bigg Boss Telugu house already has a silent killer in Nutan Naidu. The social activist is put in a spot after manipulating Tanish and getting others to speak against Samrat.

The housemates get involved in a series of confessions involving Nutan and Kireeti. While Kireeti evidently plays it smart, Tanish goes on to express extreme discontent with Nutan. But Bhanu makes a point here. She stands up against a few contestants who refuse to give Nutan a chance to voice his opinion. She rightly points out that alienating Nutan doesn't make sense. Hours later, all seems well in the house, as Kireeti and most others raise concerns about Nutan's well being. But, mind games continue and talk is that Nutan, still is the 'mastermind'.

Samrat, the first captain

In what seemed like a very biased win, Samrat was named the first captain of the house last Friday. The usual routine of the reality show was organised to vote for the captain, based on their performances. But this year's contestants seem to have an agenda of their own. Bhanu, Samrat, Ganesh and Sanjana contested for captaincy, however Tejaswi and co had already decided whom their points will go to. Bhanu goes on to surprise the housemates and audience with her entertaining performance for captaincy, but nevertheless Samrat is named the winner. And as most audience and few housemates contemplate about this unfair tradition, Nani rightly raises the topic during his weekend gig and discourages the housemates about the same.

A teary Father's Day

This Father's Day, Bigg Boss housemates were in for an emotional surprise. Nani sends over portraits of every contestant's father and soon, it is speech time. Naturally, most housemates tear up about their daddy dearest and share a story or two. While Tanish remembers how he lost his father and Tejaswi talks about her adopted dad, many others like Amit and Kaushal tear up about their kids and convey their regards. After an emotional first half, the weekend closes with Nani announcing Sanjana's exit. The host also brings up the topic of internet bullying as he chats with Deepthi Sunaina about trolls against her. Nani addresses cyber bullying and memes and the negative impact it can have on individuals.

At the end of the weekend episodes, we also realise how much Jr NTR is being missed as the host of the reality show, as Nani announces about Tarak being blessed with a baby boy. The actor surely was all the charm of the show with his weekend stints and seems irreplaceable so far. While Nani adds masala with his dialogues and comic timing, one cannot stop remembering Tarak's connect with both the audience and housemates. One can also notice that there is already a stark difference in the atmosphere of the house as compared to last year's friendly housemates and a relatively healthier competition.

On that note, the first week of Bigg Boss comes to an end, with the audience now curious to watch Nandini's role in the dramatic reality show. And to definitely watch, who is going to take over Tejaswi and co after Sanjana's early exit.

Updated Date: Jun 18, 2018 14:56 PM