Bigg Boss Telugu: Kathi Karthika leaves house in double elimination, Dhanraj delighted to be out

Mridula Ramadugu

August 28, 2017 14:22:13 IST

Week six of Bigg Boss Telugu saw not one but two eliminations. While Dhanraj was eliminated on Saturday, Kathi Karthika stepped out on Sunday night.

Bigg Boss Telugu has had quite a twisted week, we must say, with Mumaith coming back and two people exiting the house at (round about) the same time.

Karthika's elimination did not surprise many but Dhanraj's excitement in stepping out of the house left everyone quit puzzled.

Kathi Karthika with Junior NTR at the Bigg Boss Telugu set.

But looking at how things changed in the past two weeks, it wasn't surprising that the contestant wanted to get out of the house. He was however, still playing along and being diplomatic.

Jr NTR himself was surprised when Dhanraj jumped in happiness on hearing his elimination, and got us waiting till Sunday to find out why.

Dhanraj later expressed how the real Bigg Boss game starts for him outside and not inside the house.

He even told his the housemates "I wont miss you, you all don't miss me either" and later joked about his smoky camera being there for all of them if they ever needed to connect with Dhanraj.

Dhanraj was also quizzed about his choice of winners and losers. The comedian named Adarsh when asked about his choice from the men as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu and Hari Teja from the woman.

Double Big Bomb

Double elimination? Definitely double big bomb. As Dhanraj threw the bomb on Diksha and Adarsh, Karthika chose Shiva Balaji. Diksha and Shiva Balaji clearly seemed to be every ex-housemate's favourite choice for the big bomb.

The coming week will have Adarsh rolling the red carpet for Diksha every time she wishes to go around the house and Shiva Balaji will have to wait till every housemate uses the restroom, before he gets his turn.

Karthika mentioned this would be a good chance for Shiva Balaji to learn the art of patience and Dhanraj felt Adarsh could use this as an opportunity to open up and pass time.

The Telugu audience also got their weekly dose of laughter with Jr NTR enthralling everyone with fun tasks and humorous commentary though he stumped the contestants with double elimination. With Hari Teja as captain and a secret task in cue, we can't wait to watch what happens next week.

Updated Date: Aug 28, 2017 14:22 PM