Bigg Boss Telugu: Jr NTR makes a splash as host in inaugural episode of reality show

Hemanth Kumar

Jul,17 2017 13:54:51 IST

NTR Jr lived up to his promise that he’s going to have some fun in his first-ever hosting gig, and he didn’t disappoint his fans as he took the centre stage in the inaugural episode of Bigg Boss Telugu. Appropriately touted as the biggest reality show in Telugu, Bigg Boss, which is being aired on Star MAA, will see 14 contestants, consisting of predominantly actors and couple of singers, competing with each other to emerge triumphant over the span of next 70 days.

The first episode saw NTR making a dazzling entry on the stage as he danced away to glory to the tunes of ‘Khelo Khelo Re’ from the film Nannaku Prematho. Before introducing the contestants, the actor took the opportunity to connect with the viewers and said, “I’ll always be indebted for all the love and affection that you’ve showered upon me, and I’ve always wondered how can I give back this love. Thanks to Bigg Boss, I’ve got an opportunity to connect more with the people, every weekend, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

NTR Jr n the sets of Bigg Boss Telugu

NTR Jr n the sets of Bigg Boss Telugu

Soon, he stepped inside the Bigg Boss house to give a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a space which is surrounded by 60 cameras; the only person that the inmates are going to interact with, is the host himself, on weekends. “No one is allowed to use cell phones. There’s a TV, but they can’t watch any shows. And Bigg Boss will be following every move day in and day out, even when it’s dark, thanks to night vision cameras,” NTR announced.

The host was in a particularly jovial mood when he stepped forward to introduce the contestants and buzz on social media too reflected what was quite obvious on the show — no one has seen NTR laugh so much! The contestants who’re going to be part of the show are: Archana Veda, Sameer, Mumait Khan, Prince, Adarsh, Sampoornesh Babu, Mahesh Kathi, Hari Teja, Madhu Priya, Kalpana, Dhanraj, Siva Balaji, Kathi Karthika and Jyothi.

Before entering the house, Archana, Mumait and Jyoti danced to some hit numbers, whereas Madhu Priya, Kalpana crooned their popular songs. When asked what they are going to miss the most in the next few weeks, the response was unanimous — their families. Popular comedian Sampoornesh Babu introduced himself as Narasimha Chari, which is his original name; whereas film critic and actor Mahesh Kathi stated that he doesn’t tolerate lies and injustice anywhere. For others, the aspirations were different: Dhanraj revealed that if he goes on to win the reality show, he would like to use the money to build a house, and for others like Sameer, Siva Balaji and Jyothi, it was the lure of going through a different experience that brought them on the show. Later, when Prince confessed that his father gave him plenty of tips about how to behave in the house, quoting an example of NTR’s characterisation in the film Brindavanam, NTR himself couldn’t stop gushing and said, “I’ve just begun to realise that the best thing that you can do as a father to your child is to be their friend.”

Although there were no big names among the contestants, the general consensus is that there won’t be a lack of drama in the next few days with battle lines already appearing among the contestants. The first episode ended with a cliffhanger as the fellow contestants cornered Sampoornesh Babu and noted that he’s the least deserving contender in the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu will be aired on Star MAA at 9.30 pm on weekdays, and on weekends, when NTR will take over the show as a host, the episode will be aired at 9 pm.

Updated Date: Jul 17, 2017 14:02 PM