Bigg Boss Telugu: After Rana Daggubatti, Taapsee Pannu visits; Diksha labelled weakest contestant

Mridula Ramadugu

August 19, 2017 12:22:03 IST

The Bigg Bosss Telugu inmates were in for a surprise this week, as Taapsee Pannu made a special appearance to promote her film Anando Brahma on the reality show. While Rana Dagubatti brought a lot of fun and frolic with his guest appearance, it looks like Taapsee has fueled some fires during her time in the house.

Apart from promoting her thriller, the actress also quizzed the Bigg Boss Telugu housemates about their play and relationships in the house, and also asked them to mention who they thought would be the winner and loser of the reality show.


After last weekend's double elimination and Navdeep's wildcard entry, things are now heating up in the house. From Kalpana's exit to Archana being exposed to Diksha feeling cornered, the last week has changed the dynamics of the show considerably.

Here is a look at what grabbed eye balls in the Bigg Boss Telugu house as the opening season nears the fifth week.

Double Dhamaka eliminations

With Kalpana and Mahesh Kathi's elimination in the same week, Jr NTR pulled off a weekend full of surprises, and that's not the end of it. The actor signed off last week with the announcement of yet another wild card entry this season. Navdeep made his way into the house earlier this week, and the Chandamama actor has already befriended the contestants.

While the double elimination did not really take the contestants by shock, what did enthrall the team was Kalpana's new avatar. The contestant dedicated songs through Naa TV for each of her ex-housemates after her elimination, and the event turned into a hilarious affair, leaving Jr NTR and the contestants in splits. Adarsh, Prince and many of the other housemates even demanded that Kalpana should be sent back home and made to return in her never-seen-before avatar.


Archana's disappointment with the nominations

For someone who hasn't been nominated for three straight weeks, receiving eight out of nine votes in the fourth week's nomination was definitely shocking for Archana. She was taken aback when she found that she had been nominated for the elimination not only for the first time, but also with a clear majority. While the housemates had their reasons for picking her, the actor's double standards, as highlighted by Jr NTR, seemed to be the major reason behind this sudden change.

Jr NTR expressed disappointment in the contestant after replaying videos of her being two-faced with ex-contestant Kalpana, following which few more clippings of the actor playing her games were revealed.


Hari Teja and Mumaith risk elimination

Among the many tasks performed in the recent past, the 'phone call' task seems to have brewed more than just one emotion in the Bigg Boss Telugu house. While contestants sacrificed bed spreads and other luxuries to connect with their families, Hari Teja and Mumaith stole the spotlight by volunteering to stand for elimination. The inmates' ability to take the last few phone calls from their family members depended on two contestants taking on the risk of getting nominated for next week's elimination, and the duo did exactly this.

While it wasn't surprising to see Mumaith taking a stand, what was unexpected for the audience was Hari Teja's willingness to take on this risk. Also, Archana's ignorance towards this was debated after the task.

Diksha Panth continues to feel targeted

Diksha was pulled down by her co-contestants for being lost in the game and too delicate for matters of the house several times , and now, the contestant was miffed once again. After the Bigg Boss Telugu house turned into a hotel as part of the luxury budget task, Diksha was briefly a royal guest. While contestants pulled her leg for being in character, the actor also recently burst into tears after a heated argument with Dhanraj. Dhanraj and the current week's captain Shiv Balaji settled the tension in the episode with some humour, but we're still doubtful that things will be the same between these housemates.

The actress was also nominated as the weakest contender by fellow contestants after Taapsee Pannu asked them who they thought would be the potential winner and loser of Bigg Boss Telugu.


Meanwhile, in the eliminations this week are Mumaith Khan, Hari Teja, Archana and Dhanraj. Who will remain and rule over the house, and who will finally be eliminated? We can't wait for Jr NTR to take over the coming weekend and reveal it all.

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Updated Date: Aug 19, 2017 12:22 PM