Bigg Boss Telugu 2 weekly updates: Nani enters house for the first time; Pooja Ramachandran eliminated

Mridula Ramadugu

Aug 27, 2018 11:53:37 IST

The Bigg Boss Telugu house turned into a place of celebrations this week with wedding tasks, a heart warming Rakhi celebration, and a few surprises as well.

The highlight of the week definitely happened on the weekend as Nani entered the house for the first time this season. But what is a Bigg Boss week with only festivities and no elimination?

While Nutan Naidu recovered from his injury and stepped back into the house, Pooja Ramachandran was the evicted contestant of the week.

Pooja Ramachandran in Bigg Boss Telugu 2/Image from YouTube.

Pooja Ramachandran in Bigg Boss Telugu 2/Image from YouTube.

Here's how the Bigg Boss house celebrated and debated this week:

Anonymous Nominations

Week 11 saw the contestants face anonymous nominations like the good old days. Each contestant walked up to the activity room filled with screens of each other's footage and were asked to nominate two housemates each. Kaushal, Deepthi, Pooja and Tanish were announced as the players in the danger zone this week. Several discussions were raised post nomination as most were curious to find out who nominated who and why.

The Ugly Truth

Bigg Boss decided to reveal select public tweets regarding each housemate, and the bitter truth had now reached them. While Tanish received flak for his dressing sense, Kaushal was pulled up for detachment from the house. Many others, like Deepthi and Geetha, received sarcastic comments regarding their fair play. As most housemates stood by each other and decided to move on with the criticism, Deepthi was quite taken aback by the audience's thoughts.

The Big Fat Telugu Wedding

This week's luxury budget task was all fun and frolic. The housemates were given the task of conducting a grand wedding for toy characters — Radhakrishna and Madhulatha. Divided into two families, the housemates managed to put together quite a colorful wedding filled with rituals, small little ring tasks, and a Mehendi ceremony. During this, anchor and actor Anasuya happened to visit the housemates to celebrate the Mehendi function. Post the wedding, the cast of last week's Telugu release, Neevevaro, too happened to surprise the contestants. Taapsee Pannu, Aadhi and Ritika Singh engaged the housemates in fun tasks and a long chit-chat.

Anasuya in Bigg Boss Telugu 2/Image from YouTube.

Anasuya in Bigg Boss Telugu 2/Image from YouTube.

So Close, Yet So Far

After weeks of trying for captaincy, Deepthi was finally up for the post this week. But, unfortunately, all did not go well on that front.

Kaushal and Deepthi were up for the captaincy task this week which involved contestants sacrificing their things for their choice of captain. The contestant whose things weighed the most were to take up captaincy. With all the housemates except Amit supporting Deepthi, we had an obvious winner. Deepthi had finally become captain of week 12, but it wasn't time to celebrate yet. Thanks to housemates like Ganesh breaking the rules and oversleeping, Deepthi was dismissed as the captain by Bigg Boss.

Rakhi Celebrations

This Sunday surely turned out to emotional and eventful, with Nani visiting the house for Rakhi and sitting down with the contestants for the first time since season 2 began. But that's not exactly how the weekend began.

The biggest surprise or rather gift for this Rakhi, went to Deepthi. After Nani's constant requests, Bigg Boss had finally announced that she could took up her post as captain yet again and monitor the house for week 12.

Kaushal and Tanish were caught up in a never ending debate and brawl about contestants oversleeping and breaking the rules. The two had thoughts of their own and opposed each other's opinions. Nani managed to rightly pull up the two during his weekend stint and question them of their violent arguments. Both Kaushal and Tanish were lectured by Nani and shown their shortcomings and made sure the real troublemaker, Ganesh, to stand up for his mistakes.

Post this, it was time to celebrate. The contestants geared up for a heart-warming Sunday as Nani surprised them and shared his love for this newfound family at the Bigg Boss Telugu house. The actor walked in with plenty of goodies and some 'gyaan'. The housemates dined with their host, carefully took in all the advice that the actor had to give about their public image and more.

But all good things have to come to an end, and so did this episode. The host announced Pooja as the one to be eliminated this week, and she exited the house along with the actor, leaving the contestants to gear up for a tough week 12.

Updated Date: Aug 27, 2018 18:45:04 IST