Bigg Boss Telugu 2 weekly updates: Amit elected captain; Nutan Naidu evicted; tempers flare between Tanish, Kaushal

Mridula Ramadugu

Jun 25, 2018 13:21:41 IST

Just when we thought that the Bigg Boss Telugu house is unlike other language versions of the reality show, week 2 of the house changed all of that. From fights to tasks and emotions, the Telugu audience witnessed an extra dose of drama this week.

With his weekend gig, Nani took on his hosting responsibilities not only by announcing eliminations but also rightly picking out contestants who messed up during the week.

After a dual elimination, week two's nominees were Ganesh, Kaushal, Nutan Naidu, Babu Gogenini and Deepthi Sunaina. And one must say, most bets were on either Nutan Naidu or Ganesh to exit the house and as predicted Nutan Naidu was announced as the second contestant to exit the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house.

 Bigg Boss Telugu 2 weekly updates: Amit elected captain; Nutan Naidu evicted; tempers flare between Tanish, Kaushal

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 promo. Image via Twitter

While plenty of action unfolded in the house over the past few days, here's what got the audience most hooked:

Dirty Games

This week's luxury budget task involved performing in plenty of mud, which ultimately lead to heated up arguments between both the teams. As Geetha spearheaded this task, knowingly or unknowingly the singer gets dragged into most fights. While Kaushal particularly gets criticised for going against Geetha's decision time and again, Babu Gogineni has a moment of rage questioning Bigg Boss about the safety of the housemates. From Tanish's rage to Kaushal's lack of sportiness, it is all directed towards Geetha, evidently leaving her pissed and in an argument with Tanish. At the end of the dirty games between Nandini & Co vs Deepthi & Co, Deepthi and Nutan are once again sent to jail for losing.

Punishment & war in the name of house rules

The weekly luxury budget task came to an end, with Deepthi and Nutan eventually coming out, but with lots of questions being raised about Kaushal. The fact that the actor had the jail card and did not want to use it for anyone, raised lots of eyebrows. But moving on, the main drama in the house starts only after this. Bigg Boss calls out Samrat, the captain of the week and lists out a slew of complaints. The contestants are pointed out for talking in English, sleeping and many other house rules that everyone seems to neglect. Samrat is made to take a dip in in the pool every time a housemate converses in English and the rest of them light up candles all night as punishment.

Tanish vs Kaushal

While Samrat is still struggling to get the housemates to obey rules, this week's twist too takes places or rather begins with the captain himself. Samrat gets serious as he instructs the housemates to clean up their own dishes and keep bathrooms clean among other petty things. But Nutan finds Samrat's requests offensive and against family values, leading to a harsh argument.

Things obviously heat up and hell breaks loose as Tanish and Kaushal involve themselves in support of Samrat and Nutan. The two are then at loggerheads for an entire episode, trying to make their point and arguing about figure of speech. Tanish accuses Kaushal of throwing a fit for no reason at the wrong time and Kaushal, on the other hand, is pissed with Tanish for being arrogant and supporting Samrat. The two also continue to fight regarding an incident that took place during the 'Chapandi Prabhu' task last week. Kaushal is accused of making Deepthi Sunaina feel uncomfortable, while Kaushal makes zero sense of this argument, as he feels it was done and dusted the moment he made peace with Sunaina. Or at least that's what everyone thinks, because little do they know that Sunaina wasn't actually done with that incident yet.

Amit elected as captain of Week 3

Kaushal, Tanish and Amit stand up for the captaincy of week 3 and after a grueling task, Amit is announced as the winner. But yet again, the drama continues with Kaushal at loggerheads with Keeriti this time around. Keeriti is seen playing duplictious games and instigating Kaushal for no apparent reason. Keeriti kicks off Kaushal's rage once again by trying to turn the women of the house against him. And while Amit is made the new captain, arguments about Keeriti's mind games continue to take place.

Nani points fingers at Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina

After an intense week of arguments, threats and what not, it was time for Nani to take over. With his weekend stint, while he made the housemates laugh with plenty of fun tasks and entertained the audience with witty remarks, he also makes a point or two. Nani goes on to talk about the impact the Bigg Boss contestants have on Telugu audience and how even a slight change in behavior can affect their votes. He emphasises on Kaushal's concern at being cornered and how his honest fight turned around the game for him.

While that was the case for Kaushal, Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina definitely seem to be in Nani's bad books for the time being. As Sunaina was pulled up for not standing for herself, bitching and constantly being treated as a kid, Tanish's anger management was addressed too. The two seemed to be in deep trouble for their attitude and are chastised by Nani.

Apart from one-on-one tiffs, Nani also throws light on group-ism keeping in mind Tejaswi, Samrat and Tanish in particular and how this is alienating other contestants. The star host goes on to warn housemates about favourable behavior and audience reaction to the same.

A lot of new controversies with existing bonds are now brewing in the house, post the eviction of Sanjana and now Nutan, both of whom were season two's first jail inmates and the most controversial ones too. Meanwhile, as Amit promises to bring back the house together, Nani wraps up week two stating how anything can change anytime in the Bigg Boss house. So, with new enemies and recent shift in the atmosphere, looks like the reality show is definitely gearing up for a killer and rather dramatic week three.

Updated Date: Jun 25, 2018 13:21:41 IST