Bigg Boss Telugu 2, week 5 updates: Nani lashes out at housemates; Bhanu Sree exits; Geetha Madhuri elected captain

Mridula Ramadugu

Jul 16, 2018 19:24:03 IST

Another week and another unexpected eviction later, the Bigg Boss Telugu house is now gearing up for week 6 and currently coping with an eye opener of a fifth week, as Nani's weekend stint puts every housemate in the spotlight.

Bhanu Sree, otherwise considered a pretty strong contestant in the Bigg Boss house happened to be the one eliminated this week and the series of gruelling tasks through the week are much proof for the housemate leaving.

Here's everything that went down in the reality show this week, before Nani lashed out at every housemate.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2, week 5 updates: Nani lashes out at housemates; Bhanu Sree exits; Geetha Madhuri elected captain

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Nomination task irks emotions 

This week's nomination task was quite literally a throwback to one of the episodes in the Hindi Bigg Boss house last season. Contestants were asked to receive phone calls that convey the sacrifices/task a housemate has to perform for another, in order to save themselves from the nominations. And this obviously went on to emphasise the trust factor in the house, but also highlighted the ones who were in to win it and wouldn't risk anything for their housemates.

From Deepthi Sunaina chopping her hair off for Tanish to Geetha Madhuri tatooing the Bigg Boss eye on her hand, the nomination task was a surprise in itself. It was definitely overwhelming to watch contestants do anything and everything for each other in just a matter of few weeks, however it was too early to say anything. Because kindness in the house actually turned out to be everyone's enemy this week.

The most risky and controversial one turned out to be Bhanu and Ganesh'a nominations. Amit and Bhanu Sree were caught up in a web of confusion and disappointments as the actor refused to sacrifice captaincy and remove his bandana for Bhanu. And on the other hand, though Babu Gogineni ate coriander for Ganesh, the commoner self nominated for Roll Rida's sake.

Several of these decisions later, Deepthi, Ganesh and Bhanu Sree were now in the danger zone.

Good Vs Evil 

The luxury budget task divided the house into Devils and Angels and what an exhausting task it turned out to be! The housemates went on to perform this task for more than 3 episodes and though evil trumped good, a lot went down as the contestants brutally battled for the luxury budget points.

Through the three days there was a huge divide between Tanish, Sunaina and Tejaswi, Samrat, who were now in opposite teams. The four housemates who are usually a team, suddenly couldn't agree with each other's ideologies and remained cold through the task.

On the other hand, some loud arguments and fights occurred between the teams, as Deepthi almost physically hurt herself, Bhanu turned violent with her words and Tanish and most others went to extremes of self defence to save themselves from going into jail.

Kaushal against the ladies, once again 

Through the same Devil and Angel task of collecting the most number of apples and locking up opponents in jail, Kaushal once again came into the spotlight with regards to his character and misunderstanding with the women.

Bhanu and Tejaswi went on to accuse Kaushal of inappropriately handling Bhanu during the task and Kaushal was left in a web of misunderstanding and petty arguments. With Geetha Madhuri and Samrat's intervention, the ladies stepped back and apologised to Kaushal. Yet, the incident went into spur discussions through the week, with Kaushal clearing his intentions and Tejaswi showing her distrust in Kaushal from day one.

Meanwhile, Bhanu was also put behind bars this week after being named as the worst performer by captain Kaushal. A move which everyone saw as personal revenge more than a performance glitch.

Captaincy campaigning

With no woman taking over as captain so far, Bigg Boss's instructions for the housemates this week was to choose two ladies for the captaincy task and vote for one of them according to their campaigning skills.

It was time for Geetha and Deepthi Sunaina to be up against each other. The two put up a good show by revealing their agenda for leading the house, bringing about changes in the cooking system and other requirements of the house. While Geetha obviously out did Sunaina, what came as a surprise for everyone was Deepthi's vote for Sunaina. The social media star had one just two votes out of 13 and came under the scanner for being incompetent. And though Tanish seemed to contemplate with the house on behalf of Sunaina, for which he received flak from Nani too, the contestants had now unanimously agreed that Geetha was the better one.

Geetha Madhuri is now captain for the fifth week and from tatooing to taking a stand and winning captaincy, the week definitely seemed to belong to the singer.

Nani's weekend dosage 

Nani's typical weekends kickstart with the pita kadhas and go on to have lots of fun tasks and witty conversations with the housemates. This week too we saw all of that, except the actor wasn't here for laughs. Nani got into a very serious host mode and subtly blasted the housemates for taking the game too personally.

From clearing the air between Kaushal and Bhanu to pointing out Tejaswi's never ending gossip sessions, Nani manages to make a point with every contestant. The host points out Ganesh's silliness in self-nominating and Amit's confused persona. Tanish and Sunaina come under the spotlight for being stuck to each other like glue, dependent and not playing their own game.

With Baby Gogineni's example of nominating Deepthi last week, Nani also emphasises how everyone should be taking their own stand and not getting influenced by another. Yes, it was quite literally lecture time for everyone and also tested relationships, as Nani plays a clip revealing what contestants actually think about each other.

In the midst of all this was also an invisible Nandini, trying to cope with the many dramatic situations around.

With Geetha as the new captain and Bhanu exiting the house and many overwhelming emotions, Nani signs off hinting at a new week of drama, strained old bonds and surprising new relationships and dynamics.

Updated Date: Jul 16, 2018 19:24:03 IST

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