Bigg Boss Telugu 2, week 15 updates: Roll Rida evicted; Akkineni Nagarjuna unveils Devadas trailer

Mridula Ramadugu

Sep 24, 2018 12:41:04 IST

The final elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 started off on a rather loud and messy note before this season's finalists were announced.

In this final leg, the housemates bid goodbye to Roll Rida and also welcomed Akkineni Nagarjuna on stage. The actor along with host and co-star Nani had visited the sets to promote their upcoming film Devadas. Nagarjuna was seen with Nani this Sunday, in his don Deva role from the film and enthralled audiences and housemates with a trailer.

While Sunday was your usual family time filled with plenty of laughter, with Nagarjuna too joining through Na Ni TV, the weekend actually happened to begin on a serious note, with a disappointed Nani and an apologetic bunch of contestants.

 Bigg Boss Telugu 2, week 15 updates: Roll Rida evicted; Akkineni Nagarjuna unveils Devadas trailer

Akkineni Nagarjuna and Nani. Image via Hotstar

Here's everything that put the finalists in spotlight this week:

Bigg Boss nominates 

The final nominations for the season came with a twist. The week began with Kaushal and Geetha breaking rules and most other contestants being pulled up too for the same. What started off as a goofy warning from Bigg Boss later turned out to be pretty serious. Bigg Boss as a punishment for breaking house rules, despite more than 100 days into the game, went on to nominate the whole house this week and truly left everyone baffled.

Kaushal against the world 

Now, obviously arguments began as housemates began the blame game for being nominated. The one housemate who was pulled up the most was Kaushal, for otherwise being the rule master but suddenly breaking rules. Kaushal was at loggerheads with literally every contestant, for contradicting statements and so on.

But hell broke loose when Geetha and Kaushal once again began a debate but this time the whole house lost it too. Geetha's routine conversation with Kaushal about his daughter visiting the house on her birthday, turned out to be offensive. Kaushal expressed disappointment about Geetha's remarks and Geetha wouldn't stop making her point.

In the midst of all this, Kaushal lashed out on housemates, which in turn instigated Samrat first and later it turned out to be a wreck of an episode between Roll and Kaushal. A very frustrated Roll wouldn't stop crying and the whole house was now against Kaushal's remarks considered 'unpleasant' and 'wrong'.

Samrat, the first finalist 

Slowly, as the housemates moved on from the previous incidents, it was time to decide the first finalist.

It was time for an intense 'save your sand and then your eggs' task. The first round saw housemates fight it out, to save their sand from a vessel. The same also had Tanish and Kaushal get too physical and were warned from Bigg Boss multiple times.

After the first round, Roll and Samrat had made their way into the last round. In the last round where the two had to save their bunch of eggs in a bowl, Kaushal had taken Roll's side while everyone else defended Samrat. At the end of the two-day grueling task, Samrat was declared as the first finalist of this season. And with this, the Telugu audience witnessed a very emotional Samrat for the unanimous support from the housemates and also a unity of different kind in the house.

A dissappointed Nani 

As housemates were celebrating nearing the finals and participating in cute Fair & Handsome tasks, Saturday was not all warm and cozy for any of them.

The weekend began with a very dissappointed Nani and the host had expressed extreme dissatisfaction for what he saw of the housemates, that too on the last week before the finals. The actor had spoken about contestants, especially Kaushal and Roll loosing their cool and how many instances during the week was not expected from an otherwise fun-loving house.

But soon the advice and emotional final week memory rewind came to an end and it was time for one last eviction. Roll, otherwise considered the smartest player of them all, left the Bigg Boss Telugu house this week. And being the finals, there was also no Bigg Bomb. Samrat, Tanish, Kaushal, Deepthi and Geetha are now the top 5 contesting for the Bigg Boss season 2 title.

With that, 'Gully Porudu' Roll bid a sweet goodbye and Nani signed off on an emotional note for he and everyone were going to miss the stage and the many housemates who are now preparing to lift the title.

Updated Date: Sep 24, 2018 12:43:57 IST