Bigg Boss Telugu 2, week 14 updates: Amit evicted as contestants prepare for intense race to season finale

Mridula Ramadugu

Sep 17, 2018 14:00:04 IST

It was a teary-eyed week at the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house, with families visiting and and the ensuing emotional moments. The final game week, before the finals, has begun and one more housemate bid goodbye from the rat race.

Week 14 ended with Amit getting evicted and the big bomb going to Deepthi.

And as Nani took over in the weekend, playing along and showing contestants their shortcomings, here's how the week unrolled:

 Bigg Boss Telugu 2, week 14 updates: Amit evicted as contestants prepare for intense race to season finale

Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Image via Hotstar

Fire nominations 

The reality show has come down to the last 7 contestants and it was to evict one more. This week, each contestant had to burn down another housemate's photo and present their nomination. As Kaushal was already nominated for the whole week, he was directly in danger zone and did not go through the process.

The first many votes had gone against Geetha and Deepthi for not standing up for themselves in the ticket to the finale task last week. Later, the most number of votes went to Amit and Roll for almost similar reasons, as both of them were ruled out of last week's game way before it actually began.

So finally, Amit, Roll, Geetha, Deepthi and Kaushal were in the nominations for week 14.

Two-day-long family visits

It was time for this season's Pause, Rewind and Fast forward task. And this freeze task came with a twist of course like very season. Contestants' family started visiting the house as each one of them froze according to Bigg Boss's instructions.

Samrat's mother happened to be the first to visit, making everyone feel at home with her warm hugs and pleasant smile. Later, Amit and Kaushal's kids stole the show with their cuteness and leaving both their fathers in tears. And after Deepthi's husband's visit and Roll's sister's goofiness, Geetha's most awaited turn had come.

Geetha Madhuri's husband and actor Nandhu had finally entered the house, bringing some romantic vibes into season 2. The inseparable couple engaged everyone with laughs and there was a lot of tete-a-tete.

Now, most housemates were left heavyhearted at the arrival of their family and were consoling each other about resisting for the final leg of the game.

Also, Tanish's brother's visit slightly triggered a forgotten story. The visitor had questioned Kaushal about requesting Bigg Boss for captaincy behind Deepthi's back, as she was trying hard to get back her role. But surprisingly, though Deepthi was surprised, the incident was brushed of as part of the game.

Once again, Captain-less 

After almost two weeks of no captaincy, the stint continued this week as well. The housemates were given the task of holding glasses filled with colour water and the last one standing with most water would win. And Bigg Boss had made it clear that water had to be filled more than half of the glass. However, thanks to confusions in the rules of this task and Kaushal's trademark refereeing, most of the game had become haphazard. And ultimately, though Tanish and Roll tried to get an edge over the others, Bigg Boss had announced that none of the housemates succeded and Week 15 too would go without a captain for the house.

And right before Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepthi was jailed for breaking house rules after the captaincy task. Though Bigg Boss is known to show his goofy side occasionally with Deepthi by passing unexpected and funny comments, he is also known to be very strict with the housemate. Deepthi was seen discussing with Geetha as to how they could have aced the captaincy and in this process happened to break the shield of a camera. So, eventually Deepthi was jailed for the same.

Week's goof-ups 

After a traditional Ganesh Chaturthi celebration and family bonding in the house, it was time to face Nani.

Like every weekend, Nani had begun with the negatives of the week. The host had pulled up Geetha for discussing the whole buzz outside the house, about Kaushal Army, Nutan Navy and so on. As Geetha gave her justifications for the same, Nani went on to pull up Kaushal as well but for different reasons.

During the week when Roll was fulfilling his duties as per the Big Bomb and assisting everyone in the house, Kaushal was heard passing unpleasant remarks about Roll. While Roll did not speak a word about it, Nani had rightly pulled up the issue questioning Kaushal's remarks and Roll for not standing up for himself.

And post all the advice and weekend's fun and truth-revealing tasks, it was time for one more eviction. Kaushal, Deepthi, Roll and Geetha were saved by the Telugu audience and Amit had left the house.

Everyone's 'bhaiya' was now out and had thrown the big bomb on Deepthi to comb everyone's hair for the rest of the week.

With that, contestants are now preparing for the last nomination of sorts on Monday and looking ahead for an intense week of the race to the finale.

Updated Date: Sep 17, 2018 14:00:04 IST