Bigg Boss Telugu 2 updates: Nani's best week yet sees Kireeti evicted; Tejaswi and Syamala lock horns

From Kireeti's image damage to fun tasks and some romance too, Week 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has been quite entertaining.

Mridula Ramadugu July 02, 2018 15:04:29 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 updates: Nani's best week yet sees Kireeti evicted; Tejaswi and Syamala lock horns

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, week 3 was all about 'pita' kadhalu (fables) coming true and showcasing how the tables have turned in just a week. From Kireeti's image damage to fun tasks and some romance too, the last week has been quite entertaining and clever as well.

Firstly, Nani's weekend gig revealed last night that Kireeti was the third contestant to get eliminated out of the house and the actor's eviction came as no surprise at all.

Here's why:

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 updates Nanis best week yet sees Kireeti evicted Tejaswi and Syamala lock horns

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Housemates - 1 Kireeti - 0

Much like last week, Kireeti's isolation from all the housemates was quite evident through the seven days. Post the fall out with Kaushal and being named 'Naradhamuni', Kireeti seemed to be caught in the misery of his manipulation and faced a tough week by himself. And this week, it was time for face to face nominations. Now, as predicted Keeriti was nominated the most after which Ganesh, Tejaswi, Geeta and Bhanu were nominated for the week's eliminations. While all the ladies in the danger zone were the first to be protected, it was now Ganesh vs Keeriti. After three weeks of being named the weakest contestant, Ganesh finally seemed to escape the tagline as it was not him but Kireeti who stepped out of the house last night. Like Nani mentions rightly during the weekend, all it requires is one episode to change everything.

Sugarcane and Biryani Diaries

The tasks had finally shifted from grueling and serious to fun and competitive. Contestants churned out hundreds of bottles of sugarcane juice for the luxury budget task. And everything from cheating Bhanu — the referee of the game — to breaking glass windows had happened thanks to the fight for sugarcane. While the house was divided into yellow and green teams, it turned out to be quite a battle to watch. But the more enthusiastic episode was this week's rather fun captaincy task. Amit — last week's house captain — names three foodies of the house and Ganesh, Roll Rida and Kireeti become the chosen ones to fight for captaincy. The contestant who could finish up the most amount of Biryani was up for the next captaincy. And with Ganesh and Roll Rida putting up a good show, it was a close call between the two as the rapper had won the task.

Not just that, Roll Rida had also sent Babu Gogineni and Tanish to jail for not following house rules just minutes after take over as the captain. While Babu agreed to disagree, Tanish had no complaints about this punishment.

Love is in the air

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the playful atmosphere, a couple of new romances have been brewing in the house. While Samrat and Tejaswi have been all smiles with the breezy chemistry between the two, with few fights here and there, Tanish and Deepthi too seem to have a rather interesting rapport. The two were under the spotlight this week for having a soft corner for each other and the many quirky conversations. Through the sugarcane task and Tanish's jail term, the double trouble never failed to showcase their inclination towards each other.

Tejaswi vs Syamala

Now, what is Bigg Boss without some masala and overdramatic fights? Thus, this week had a dramatic episode too with Tejaswi and Syamala at loggerheads about kitchen management and yet another petty 'lassi' argument. Syamala expressed heavy disappointment in being refused food and Tejaswi had her defensive cape on for being accused of wasting resources. After a series of blunt arguments and many many tears later, the two ladies made up and turned the 'lassi' episode into a meme worthy reference.

Nani's Sametalu

We must say, we particularly enjoyed Nani's third weekend gig a little more than all the previous weeks. Right from associating the week's game to childhood stories and morals to putting up fun tasks that revealed the ugly truth, the host definitely made us laugh and think.

Remember the popular hare and tortoise story? We saw that come to life with Kireeti's eviction and most housemates are now direct about each other's traits and the politics of the house. From giving each other titles like 'Ammoru' to the creative 'Aeyara Dharuvu' tasks, the weekend was all about Nani bringing every housemate's most blunt thoughts about one another to the Telugu audience.

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