Bigg Boss Tamil week 9 update: Harish Kalyan elected leader; Bindhu Madhavi nominated for elimination

Surendhar MK

August 24, 2017 20:48:01 IST

Bigg Boss Tamil has entered its ninth week, and with the arrival of three new contestants in the house, the relationship between the inmates has undergone a rapid change. New camps have been gradually emerging, and the old candidates are reorienting themselves in the changed environment.

While Harish Kalyan selectively offered suggestions on a few occasions, Kaajal Pasupathi was not one to restrain herself from voicing out her opinions openly. Meanwhile, the consistent feedback on Suja Varunee from other housemates was that she feigns ignorance intentionally and behaves very artificially in the house to earn the love of the audience.

Harish Kalyan elected as the leader of the house

Bindhu Madhavi's role as the head of the house concluded this week. Bigg Boss conducted a task for the new inmates Kaajal Pasupathi, Harish Kalyan and Suja Varunee, to pick the new leader. Harish Kalyan effortlessly won the task, which required the inmates to carry a ball using only their legs.

Harish Kalyan in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Image from Facebook

Harish Kalyan in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Image from Facebook

Bigg Boss repeatedly asked Harish Kalyan to keep an eye on housemates who slept during the daytime, especially Raiza, who had received numerous warnings in previous episodes.

Snehan, Raiza and Vaiyapuri face elimination

Snehan, Raiza, and Vaiyapuri had nominated for eviction this week. Ganesh Venkatraman, who has the power to save a contestant from elimination, informed Bigg Boss that he was going to utilise it for the next week's eviction process.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss placed a buzzer in the lawn area, which read "Press the 'Green' button to stop the bell." An impulsive Aarav pressed the buzzer without realising that it would make him a nominee for the next week's elimination process. Bigg Boss called Aarav to the confession room and informed him about a new task. The loser in this task would replace him as an eviction nominee in the next week.

Aarav selected Suja Varunee, Bindhu Madhavi, and Kaajal for the task. These inmates had to find washers of three different colorsfrom the swimming pool and place them on a tray in the lawn area. Aarav declared Suja Varunee as the loser of the task, which made her the first nominee of next week's elimination process.

Suja Varunee escapes next week's eviction; Bindhu Madhavi nominated

To give her a chance to escape eviction next week, Bigg Boss assigned an exhaustive task to Suja Varunee. She had to choose an inmate who would agree to join forces with her to complete the task, which would go on throughout the night until a buzzer was sounded in the morning. Suja's successful completion of the task saved her from the eviction next week.

Bindhu Madhavi. Image from Facebook

Bindhu Madhavi. Image from Facebook

Bigg Boss assigned a new task to select a fresh candidate for the next week's eviction. Suja picked Kaajal, Harish, and Bindhu to participate in the task; the loser would replace Suja as the new nominee for elimination. Bindhu lost the task and was nominated for the eviction. Once again, Bigg Boss gave Bindhu an opportunity to safeguard herself by completing all-night task, which she began on the night of 23 August.

Raiza breaks down in the confession room

Raiza, who sleeps compulsively during the day time, received a final warning from Bigg Boss, who punished inmates by sending a stranger to the house who took away all the eggs from the kitchen area. Bigg Boss informed everyone that Raiza was the reason behind this and sought an explanation from her, since she laughed off the punishment meted out by Bigg Boss, even calling it 'silly.'

"Suja Varunee also slept during the day time. But, it's understandable, since she was awake all night to finish her task. Snehan and Ganesh too shut eyes for quite some time. Though it's against the rules, I've forgiven them since they helped Suja throughout the night. But, no one should sleep during the day time henceforth. If there's an evening task, all housemates should help the other contestant, and everyone should take turns to sleep," said Bigg Boss.

Raiza. Image from Facebook

Raiza. Image from Facebook

"I want to go home immediately. Don't I have the right to crack a joke? I've always been a happy person, cracking jokes about everything. Would you have given the eggs back had I not mocked the punishment? No. So, what's wrong about it? Please send me home. I don't want to be in the house anymore," Raiza said, as she broke down and pleaded to Bigg Boss.

Will Bindhu Madhavi, who struggled to compete with others in the demanding tasks, sail through the all-night assignment and save herself from the eviction process next week? Only time will tell.

Updated Date: Aug 24, 2017 21:02 PM