Bigg Boss Tamil Week 9: Raiza evicted; Kamal Haasan invites ex-contestants to show

Surendhar MK

August 28, 2017 08:20:32 IST

The ninth week of Bigg Boss Tamil has concluded with the eviction of Raiza, a devil-may-care contestant who was always in high spirits and carried a freewheeling attitude that impressed viewers. She's also one of the very few contestants who never had any negativity attached to her image among the hyperactive meme-warriors on the web.

Another unexpected instance of the weekend's episode was the comeback of ex-contestants Sakthi, Bharani, Julie, Harathi, and Gayathri, who genuinely shared their life-after-Bigg Boss experiences with host Kamal Haasan in the studio.

Kamal Haasan on the sets of Bigg Boss Tamil

Kamal Haasan on the sets of Bigg Boss Tamil

"Ganesh is the most competent inmate, and Julie was the most deceptive."

The charming and effervescent Raiza said Bigg Boss was an excellent experience for her. "I feel fortunate to have been part of this priceless experiment. And, I'm also happy that I got to meet and interact with you through the show. It took me some time initially to warm up in the house, especially to learn the knack of speaking fluent Tamil. Now, I've changed a lot. And my life has now changed a lot in many ways. I will cherish these memories forever," said Raiza.

Raiza said Snehan and Ganesh are the most competent contestants inside the house right now and Julie was the most deceptive inmate. She also stated that she agreed to participate in the show to earn a name for herself. "Since I'm a model, no one used to call me by my name Raiza. Even during some ad shoots, they would just call me 'model.' So, I wanted everyone to recognize me by my name."

"I'm not acting like Oviya," says Suja Varunee

When the Bigg Boss house was converted into a courtroom for a task, one of the significant complaints raised against Suja Varunee was her pretentious behavior. Confronted by Kaajal, who played the role of an advocate, Suja said, "This is my natural behaviour. That's how I used to be in my home. I'm not acting like Oviya, and I don't need to do that to garner attention. May be since I share some of my character traits with Oviya, some of you think like that. But I'm not deliberately behaving like Oviya. I have washed all the vessels and broomed the house religiously every day. Did Oviya do that?"

Suja Varunee also lamented to Bigg Boss about being part of a bevy of item songs in Kollywood during the formative days of her career. "Now, I've been longing to do a variety of good roles. But some people still perceive me as an 'item dancer.' It's not okay. Please don't do that. I came from very a struggling family, and there was a lot of pressing circumstances that pushed me to do those songs to gain a foothold in the industry," said Suja.

Ex-contestant Harathi shaves head in solidarity with cancer patients

When I was evicted, I wanted to go home and not shed a tear. But my father later made me realize that my remarks in the house were not brutal but it was the way I conveyed it that made it sound so. "I went and read the audience's comments about me on the internet. A lot of viewers asked me why I was so arrogant and condescending. So I wanted to prove something when I enter the house again," said Harathi, who removed her wig to show her shaved head in solidarity with the cancer patients.

"Beauty doesn't lie in our hair. It's the personality that defines us. A lot of working women, who are undergoing chemo and have lost their hair, have confined themselves to their homes fearing that their beauty is lost. Please throw away all those thoughts and come out boldly," said Harathi.

'Trigger' Sakthi said he went inside the Bigg Boss house as a 'Virumaandi Kamal Haasan' and came outside like a 'Papanasam Kamal Haasan.' "I have learned so many things after I came out and started watching the show regularly. I've earned a lot of maturity and exposure now after being part of Bigg Boss. I'm enjoying life more now," said Sakthi.

Gayathri said her mom was feeling sad that everyone always scolded her. "But, I remember your (Kamal Haasan's) words during my eviction. I learned to smile. Now, I just smile as a reply when someone asks any provocative questions that test my patience," said Gayathri.

"Time will arise soon when you will have to unleash your pent-up anger," says Kamal Haasan

When Kamal Haasan asked Julie to share her experience, fans collectively let out a loud boo. Haasan immediately censured audiences and said, "You need not be so furious. A small 'lie' in a game is not a crime. Then, why didn't you bother about all the politicians who lied? Why are unleashing all your pent-up anger on a small girl? Store this anger. Time will arise soon when you will have to release it. Don't dissipate your anger on Julie and Gayathri and waste it."

Kamal Haasan's sarcastic dig at the current political crisis in Tamil Nadu received a thunderous applause from the viewers. "Your anger is really needed. But make sure you unleash it at the right time. Don't think that I'm using this stage to deliver sermons," said Haasan.

Updated Date: Aug 28, 2017 08:20 AM