Bigg Boss Tamil Week 8 update: Suja Varunee makes wild card entry; 'ghost' task drives contestants crazy

Week 8 of Bigg Boss Tamil saw the selection of Bindhu Madhavi as the leader of the house, and Raiza and Gayathri nominated for elimination

Surendhar MK August 17, 2017 17:38:22 IST
Bigg Boss Tamil Week 8 update: Suja Varunee makes wild card entry; 'ghost' task drives contestants crazy

After a lot of criticism on Bindhu Madhavi's passive and unassertive personal style in the show, Bigg Boss finally decided to make her character arc sound interesting this week by introducing a ghost task, which drove the housemates crazy, and viewers a little restless.

Bigg Boss called Snehan to the confession room and explained the ghost task to him, which involved making one of the inmates believe that an unknown spirit had possessed the house. Snehan explained the task to Aarav, Raiza, Gayathri, and Vaiyapuri, and hatched a plan to frame Ganesh Venkatraman and Bindhu Madhavi as victims.

However, Ganesh's dedicated enthusiasm to find out whether the ghost's presence is real or not made Snehan change his mind. Snehan revealed to Ganesh that it's just a task given by Bigg Boss, and they are trying their best to make Bindhu Madhavi believe in the ghost story.

The ghost task came to an end last night after Bigg Boss sent a priest inside the house to perform an exorcism. The episode came to an end after Bindhu Madhavi learnt that it's just a task and that everyone was just playing along, after receiving instructions from Bigg Boss.

Raiza's non-cooperation in the ghost task irks housemates

Raiza's non-cooperation in the ghost task irked the housemates, who were constantly cooking up various stories to make Bindhu Madhavi believe in the presence of a ghost in the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 8 update Suja Varunee makes wild card entry ghost task drives contestants crazy

Raiza. Image from Facebook

Raiza went to the confession room and told Bigg Boss that she didn't like this task, since it could leave people scared. However, Snehan explained that the significance of this task was to make the audience believe that there are no ghosts and requested her to cooperate with the others. But a defiant Raiza refused to join forces with the inmates and made her stance clear.

Raiza also earned the wrath of Aarav and Vaiyapuri, who grew intolerant of her cranky behavior in the house. "If she irritates me again, I wouldn't mind slapping her hard. She is getting on my nerves. What a bad attitude she has," said a fuming Aarav to Snehan.

Suja Varunee makes surprise wild card entry

Actress Suja Varunee, best known for her supporting roles in Mynaa, Kidaari, and recently Arun Vijay's Kuttram 23, made a surprise entry as a wild card candidate to the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

"I have never seen successes in my life. I've gone through a lot of struggles. I always wanted to be a part of a big family since my childhood. I'm thrilled to participate in Bigg Boss Tamil, and I hope to make new friends here. I've seen the show and posted my remarks regularly. But, when I came to know that I will be a part of it, I was on cloud nine," said Suja Varunee.

Bindhu Madhavi elected as leader of the house

Bigg Boss selected Bindhu Madhavi as the head of the house this week through a fun task, where she emerged as the winner. She outperformed her toughest competitors Snehan and Aarav, who were on the verge of winning in this task, in which inmates had to stand on one leg with a half-filled bottle on their heads.

Raiza and Gayathri nominated for elimination this week

In this week's open nomination, Raiza and Gayathri were chosen by the contestants for the eviction process. While Raiza believed that she is Gayathri's next target after Oviya, Snehan advised her to ignore the issue and move on with her work.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 8 update Suja Varunee makes wild card entry ghost task drives contestants crazy

Gayathri. Image from Facebook

"Her attitude has changed. She is not respecting anyone. She thinks she has acted in 50 feature films after being in the house for 50 days. She should learn to be humble. I hope she learns a lesson after getting eliminated from the house instead of staying here and hurting everyone. That's why I'm nominating Raiza," said Gayathri.

Meanwhile, Bindhu Madhavi, Aarav, Ganesh Venkatraman and Vaiyapuri nominated Gayathri for elimination this week and unanimously pointed out her temper as the main reason behind their choice.

Snehan pulls Ganesh Venkatraman's legs for 'special treatment' to Suja Varunee

Snehan keenly observed Ganesh Venkatraman's special treatment to Suja Varunee, as she finds her bearings in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. "We have been staying in this house for a long time. Have you ever helped anyone this sincerely? What is this special treatment to Suja Varunee?" Snehan asked Ganesh Venkatraman jokingly.

While Gayathri warned the inmates that Suja Varunee could be the next Julie, others insisted that she might play really, well since she has watched all the episodes and knew the strengths and weaknesses of each contestant, like Bindhu Madhavi.

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