Bigg Boss Tamil Week 8: Gayathri evicted; Harish Kalyan and Kaajal Pasupathi make wild card entry

Surendhar MK

August 21, 2017 11:41:12 IST

The eighth week in the Bigg Boss Tamil has concluded with Gayathri's eviction being the highlight of the reality show. Gayathri, one of the most loathed contestants in the house, suffered the loss of public support and has been eliminated. Raiza, who has undergone a significant change from being reticent to becoming an outspoken inmate, has survived elimination this week.

Meanwhile, two more new entrants have entered the house as wild card contestants. Lead actor Harish Kalyan, best known for his roles in Vil Ambu, Poriyaalan, and supporting actress Kaajal Pasupathi, who rose to fame with her character in Arulnithi's Mounaguru, are the newly-arrived inmates, who are gradually finding their way to acquaint themselves in the house.

"Did I voluntarily go and hug housemates?" asks Snehan

Addressing his moniker 'Kattipudi (Hug) Snehan', he said, "Did I voluntarily go and hug anyone? They all needed my love and affection and came to me. Initially, I was scared of going near by Namitha. During her elimination, she came and hugged me. It shows her love. Even Oviya used to come and hug me whenever she felt depressed."

Vaiyapuri sympathized with Snehan and said 'Kattipudi Vaithiyam' (Hug Therapy) was actually introduced by Kamal Haasan in the movie 'Vasool Raja MBBS' alongside 'Laughter Therapy' and there's nothing wrong in that.

Viewers ask a barrage of questions to evicted Gayathri

Gayatri was elected house leader in the beginning of the season.

After coming out of the house, Gayathri took on a barrage of questions from viewers in the studio with Kamal Haasan. When asked about her high-handedness, she said, "I've always considered everyone as my family. I had to stand up for myself at times since I couldn't give up my self-respect. That's the reason I've stayed in the house for eight weeks. I think I've been eliminated because of the small misunderstanding I had with Raiza this week."

"I didn't enter as the house as a daughter of popular dance master Raghuram. But when I was insulted on a few occasions by girls below my age, I felt really bad and decided to confront them," said Gayathri.

Gayathri said there was no male-domination inside the Bigg Boss house. "I ventured into the industry as a 14-year-old. It was definitely a male-dominated field, and I had to fight my way to climb up the ladder."

“I’m angry on audiences for their casteist remarks on me,” says Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan told Gayathri that the audiences are not only angry with her conduct in the house but also on him for the way he treated her. “They are all of the opinion that I was partial towards you. They even accused me that I gave you special treatment because we share the same caste. You can criticize me for anything but not regarding caste, which is the only evil in our society. Please don’t make such remarks on me. I’ve learned a lot from this show, and I hope you (viewers) all learn alongside me. That’s the intention of the game,” said Haasan.

Kamal Haasan also said he had watched the selfie video of Oviya, where she says she won’t come back to the show again. “I know Oviya is in everyone’s hearts. But, I don’t think Bigg Boss is in Oviya’s heart.”

Haasan also appreciated the audiences for not asking Gayathri any uncomfortable questions. “I’m not sure about the Bigg Boss show in other languages. But our viewers have shown an exemplary quality. Do not stop criticizing. But, make sure it’s only constructive,” he said.

Snehan and Aarav’s altercation creates unrest in the house

Snehan and Aarav, who have not been in good terms since Oviya’s exit, engaged in a verbal duel, creating unrest in the house. The altercation began when Aarav and Gayathri, instead of eating the sumptuous food offered by the Bigg Boss decided to eat the ‘Sambar’ rice cooked by them since the former was meant to be for the winning team.

“We have never eaten like this in the house. Irrespective of the winner in any task, we always share our things. Why create unnecessary politics in the house now? Why are you trying to divide the family?” asked a furious Snehan.

An adamant Aarav said he didn’t want the food cooked by him to get wasted. “That’s why I wanted to eat this. Food is everyone’s choice. They have the right to eat what they want. Even Vaiyapuri and Gayathri are not eating the food offered by Bigg Boss since they are part of the losing team like me. But, why can’t Snehan question them?” asked Aarav.

Snehan broke down in tears and said he always wanted the family to stay united. “Hereafter, I have decided to not bother with anyone and anything. When all I wanted is love, people here are needlessly creating problems,” said Snehan.

Meanwhile, the ninth week is going to be interesting with three new contestants in the house, including Suja Varunee, beginning to learn and unlearn what they've already seen in the show and what they're witnessing inside the house now.

Updated Date: Aug 21, 2017 11:41 AM