Bigg Boss Tamil Week 7: 'Trigger' Shakthi evicted, Gayathri and Raiza at loggerheads

Surendhar MK

August 14, 2017 09:59:55 IST

It's been fifty days, and we have entered the eighth week on Bigg Boss Tamil with seven contestants. Shakthi, who is now famously called on social media as 'Trigger' Shakthi, is the latest inmate to be evicted from the show.

Kamal Haasan too joined the party and enjoyed called him as 'Trigger Shakthi' on yesterday's episode, which left the viewers in splits. When asked if he would like to make a re-entry to the Bigg Boss house if given an opportunity, Shakthi replied in the negative. Haasan appreciated his honesty and said he's the only contestant to say so.

Unlike other eliminated candidates, Shakthi had a different opinion on Bharani's hapless eviction when Haasan asked him about the stoic silence among other housemates during that time.

"That his conduct was not good in the house is a well-known fact. But, after he came out from the confession room, he spoke to the camera and said Bigg Boss had asked him to go out. So, we all thought it's a mutual decision and remained silent. I'm not sure if others noticed it or not, but Snehan and I observed this. That's the reason we didn't stop him," justified Shakthi about the inaction of inmates.

Sakthi in the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

During the nomination process for eviction, it was evident this time that Vaiyapuri is the only contestant who is loved by everyone inside the house. The unanimous affection poured on Vaiyapuri, who has been longing to quit the show over the past two weeks, has made him change his mind now to stay in the house for some more time.

Gayathri and Raiza at loggerheads over frivolous issues

The gradual rise of Raiza in the show is conspicuous now after she faced Gayathri head-on in the last few episodes. Raiza, who has hitherto been extremely reticent in the show, has finally decided to speak her mind. However, she has earned the wrath of Gayathri for her outspoken attitude on quite a few instances so far. Gayathri whined about Raiza's 'rude behavior' to her close friend in the house Shakthi, who advised her not to pay attention to the issue and move on.

"If Snehan gets evicted, I'll be sad since he's a good friend of mine. But if Shakthi gets eliminated, Gayathri will feel bad, and it will eventually affect each one of us," Raiza said jokingly when Kamal Haasan discussed the elimination possibilities with contestants.

Gayathri wins 'Most Dedicated Person in the House' award

Bigg Boss introduced a new task and said the winner of the task would be saved from the elimination process. Bigg Boss asked each contestant to come to the confession room and answer five questions, which were based on the journey of the show. Gayathri emerged as the only inmate to answer all five questions correctly. Bigg Boss declared Gayathri as the winner of the task and announced her exclusion from eviction this week.

Veteran actress Sri Priya and comedian Sathish make a special appearance in the show

Veteran actress Sri Priya and comedy actor Sathish made a special appearance on Saturday's episode and expressed their views on various contestants to Kamal Haasan, who listened politely. While Sathish took a dig at Snehan's uncontrollable urge to hug inmates during their send-off, Sri Priya questioned Bigg Boss' last minute decision to save Gayathri from the elimination this week.

"When we voted all through the week, the sudden decision to remove Gayathri's name from the elimination process through a task left me disappointed. What's the reason," asked Sri Priya, to which Bigg Boss replied saying, "Bigg Boss is a peculiar game. If we keep explaining the rules and other details extensively, the interest in the show will be lost."

Sri Priya also suggested that Bigg Boss decided to save Gayathri to isolate her in the house and make her realize her mistakes. And, as she expected, Shakthi, Gayathri's trusted aide, was eliminated last night.

Snehan and Raiza bond well and candidly discuss various issues

The new friendly partnership in the house is between Snehan and Raiza, who have been bonding well and frankly discussing various issues. While Snehan told Raiza that Gayathri has stopped talking to him like before, Raiza confessed that she feels scared by Shakthi's unpredictable temper.

Kamal Haasan confirms wild card entry; Audiences cheer for 'Oviya.'

To counteract the dismal interest in the show post-Julie and Oviya's eviction, Kamal Haasan confirmed the wild card entry of contestants on last night's episode. Audiences cheered for Oviya non-stop before Haasan interrupted and said, 'Whoever is interested in coming back, they will.'

Meanwhile, the frantic wait for Oviya's comeback is palpable on the internet where meme-makers have been waiting with bated breath and plugging memes on her re-entry round the clock, putting a smile on the face of numerous netizens.

Updated Date: Aug 14, 2017 09:59 AM