Bigg Boss Tamil Week 6 updates: Oviya exits, Julie evicted from the house

Surendhar MK

Aug 07, 2017 10:06:31 IST

Oviya's decision to leave the Bigg Boss house is the most sensational news on the web this week among Tamil television audiences. After experiencing relentless mental trauma over the past few days, Oviya sought professional help and quit the show, before making a suicide attempt by immersing herself in the swimming pool, which turned out to be a profoundly disturbing sight for the Oviya Army.

Snehan and a few other contestants promptly rescued Oviya from the pool before the Bigg Boss reached a conclusion to send her home. The unprecedented euphoria that accompanied Oviya's exit met with a wave of sympathy from fans who foresaw her removal from the show, thanks to a leaked picture of Oviya leaving in a moving car that was doing rounds on the eve of the Saturday's episode.

Oviya's unstable behavior in the house reached a crescendo on Friday when she constantly harassed Aarav by pursuing him despite his stern disapproval. A few contestants sympathised with Oviya's unsound mind, including Gayathri, who showed compassion towards the fag end of her exit. Snehan tried his best to console Oviya, but her broken heart had little chance of succor.

Everyone probed Aarav about his relationship with Oviya, but he continued to maintain that nothing 'serious' happened between them. It made everyone, including a section of Oviya's loyal but level-headed fans, think that the mistake was on her side and the polarised opinions started to flood Twitter and Facebook on Oviya's conduct in the show.

Viewers celebrate Kamal Haasan for thought-provoking one-liners and exhaustive interrogatives

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 6 updates: Oviya exits, Julie evicted from the house

Kamal Hassan with Oviya, discussing her exit from the house.

Meanwhile, Kamal Haasan who was initially mocked by viewers on social media for his passive way of hosting the show is now being celebrated by everyone for his thought-provoking one-liners, point-blank questions to contestants and exhaustive interrogatives. His transformation in the show has substantiated the fact he is a legend on any entertainment platform.

Haasan condemned the luxury budget task where some contestants were made to behave like mentally disabled individuals and did not bat an eyelid to threaten to quit the show if the makers continue with such insensitive tasks.

"I would like to tender my apology for something which is not my mistake. Whatever I speak in the show during the weekends are completely my words. It's not scripted. But, whatever happens inside the house during the weekdays is not in my hands. I don't give them tasks but the makers. And, I will never detach myself from the show by using it as an excuse. This show involves me, and I'm responsible too for what's being aired. In fact, I'm angry with the crude portrayal of differently-abled individuals in the show. Let's not represent mental disorder with second-rate farces. If something like this happens again, this show is not important to me. Everyone including you and I have a social responsibility," said Kamal Haasan.

Aarav admits kissing Oviya to Kamal Haasan and the inmates

In a one-on-one conversation with Kamal Haasan, Aarav admitted that he kissed Oviya, which he has concealed from everyone inside the house. "I did kiss her. Bigg Boss asked to console her and advised me to sort out the issue since we both are grown-up adults. Since severing ties with Oviya suddenly will make her feel dejected, I had to do in another way," confessed Aarav.

"So, you're saying it's a 'Maruthuva Muththam' (Medical Kiss)?" asked Haasan in his inimitable tone. He also told Aarav to reveal this truth to the housemates to ensure that they shouldn't pass the entire blame on Oviya for her decision to abandon the show in the middle.

Kamal Haasan warns Gayathri for her frequent use of Tamil expletives

Kamal Haasan took Gayathri to task for her regular use of Tamil expletives in the show. "Sir, it's a really big deal that I have reduced using swear words. I just said 'hair' at the spur of the moment. I'm trying to control myself," said Gayathri. Haasan warned Gayathri that her conversations would not be edited next time if she continues to use foul language in the house.

Oviya hangs out in a shopping mall and enthusiastically agrees to selfies

When Kamal Haasan asked Oviya if she had anything to tell the inmates in the house, she said: "I love you Aarav" and heard a tremendous noise of disapproval from audiences who retorted saying, "He doesn't deserve you." Oviya appreciated the love of viewers but seemed unperturbed with regards to her opinion on Aarav.

Several pictures of Oviya are enthusiastically taking selfies with fans at a popular shopping mall in Chennai went viral on social media yesterday. She again reiterated her love for Aarav to fans and added that she's waiting for him.

'Jallikattu' star Julie evicted from the house

Jallikattu star Julie has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house after she earned the wrath of viewers for her infamous lies which Kamal Haasan exposed during the fourth week. Haasan showed great maturity in soothing the public anger towards Julie during her eviction. "Let's forget and forgive her mistakes. She's our sister. Let's keep hatred aside. Let Julie lead her life as a normal human being," requested Haasan to viewers.

Updated Date: Aug 07, 2017 10:06:31 IST