Bigg Boss Tamil Week 5: Gayathri and Oviya settle differences; Snehan elected leader again

Surendhar MK

Jul 27, 2017 10:45:54 IST

After a spectacular finish to the fourth week, the fifth week in Bigg Boss began with a lot of unanswered questions among the nine contestants. Although Kamal Haasan exposed Julie's lies and Oviya triumphed overwhelmingly to prove her innocence with a video clip to back up as evidence, Julie kept insisting that it was 'unintentionally' edited out in Oviya's favor and sought the support of other inmates to believe her version of the story.

Needless to say, Gayathri, a real adversary of Oviya in the house, came forward to give weight to Julie's assumption and even tried to convince other housemates to put forth a request to Kamal Haasan to release the full clip.

Snehan, who has been elected as the leader of the house for the second time after defeating Aarav in a game, and Shakthi disapproved Gayathri and Julie's request and advised them to move on. Meanwhile, Aarav, who defended Oviya in the whole issue, earned the wrath of Shakthi, Gayathri, and Snehan, who vowed never to support him in any argument in the house henceforth.

 Bigg Boss Tamil Week 5: Gayathri and Oviya settle differences; Snehan elected leader again

Gayathri and Oviya attempt to sort out differences finally

Contestants unaware of no-eviction week 

Last Sunday, Kamal Haasan announced that there would be no eviction this week but the players are still unaware of it.  As the customary task, Bigg Boss asked housemates to give their nominations for the elimination process this week. Julie with six votes, Oviya with five votes and Aarav with three votes were nominated for the eviction.

It was quite evident that the Julie-Oviya altercation found its way as the main reason behind every contestant's defense for their nomination. Oviya, as always, remains calm about the nomination and Julie too is unfazed since she has already foreseen it.

"People will spit on your face when you come out," Oviya tells Julie

A usually composed Oviya lost her cool when Julie refused to accept her mistakes. "It's ok if you wouldn't budge on your decision. But, don't malign my character by spreading lies that they showed the edited footage. If you keep lying, people will spit on your face when you come out. I'll give you time to rethink and make up your mind to apologize to me," Oviya tells Julie, who later lamented about it to Gayathri.

Bigg Boss declares a unique luxury budget task, which upsets Vaiyapuri

As a unique luxury budget task, Bigg Boss provides three cycles with lamps near the lawn area, outside the house. The three cycles are labeled as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. To access any of the three zones, contestants should pedal the respective cycle. If someone wants to wake up early and use the bathroom, the cycle labeled with bathroom should be pedaled. Otherwise, the water connection will not be available in the bathroom.

Bigg Boss assigns a cyling task to contestants

If the kitchen cycle is not driven, the gas connection will be cut off. Though some of the housemates take it as a challenge and sportively engage in the task, Vaiyapuri is enraged about the whole idea. When house captain Snehan discusses the work with the team, Vaiyapuri leaves infuriated saying he will not follow the rules of the cycling task.

Oviya-Aarav romance blooms again in the house

The short-lived romance between Oviya and Aarav has resurfaced in the fifth week, sending Oviyans (that's how her die hard fans are called) into a disappointment. Oviya broke down in tears to Aarav saying how she felt very lonely during her toughest times in the house.

"I know that you wanted to be neutral and never get into any trouble or hurt anyone. But, I wanted somebody by my side when I felt very lonely during the toughest times in the house. I didn't have the luxury to have anyone by my side when I was down, and I needed them the most," Oviya told Aarav, who went to explain how a perfect man should behave.

Oviya immediately retorted saying she found the man of her life. "For the past 25 years, I have been searching for someone who is a 'man.' Now, I have finally found one," said Oviya. Aarav, as always, remained quiet without reacting to Oviya.

Gayathri and Oviya settle differences finally 

Bigg Boss assigned Oviya and Gayathri a task, where they posed honest questions to each inmate to bring out their real personality to the viewers. Oviya sincerely tried to reconcile with Gayathri and asked everyone whether they think if they both will bury the hatchet some day.

"Everyone felt that I was biased towards Oviya. So, I decided to distance myself from the entire issue. I thought I should not add fuel to the fire. And, Gayathri is a pure-hearted woman, who can be easily deceived. That's why people take for her a ride," said Aarav.

"Gayathri is like a small baby. If you make an effort to understand her, you will understand that she is very loyal and easy to handle. She is also emotionally very temperamental. Some comment comes from you at an unfortunate time, and it sparks off everything," Ganesh Venkatraman told Oviya.

"What you hear and what you see is totally different here. I request you not to believe anything you hear. Please trust only what you see. I really like you as a person," Oviya cried to Gayathri, who earnestly consoled her.

Oviya reiterates that she has no issues with Gayathri and that she would like to be friends with her. She also promises Gayathri that she won't come uninvited to dole out opinions about anyone or anything henceforth. Gayathri enters the house and makes public that she has settled differences with Oviya. Exciting times ahead!

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