Bigg Boss Tamil week 4 updates: Namitha evicted; Kamal Haasan exposes Julie's lies

Surendhar MK

Jul 24, 2017 10:05:04 IST

The last four episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil are the most eventful, dramatic and amusing of this season, which has successfully completed its fourth week and stepped into the fifth with a tremendous anticipation among the public.

 Bigg Boss Tamil week 4 updates: Namitha evicted; Kamal Haasan exposes Julies lies

Kamal Haasan on Bigg Boss Tamil. Hotstar

After opening to the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India ratings of 3.4 million impressions for its launch episode, the show is now believed to have penetrated into more households across the length and breadth of the state. Bigg Boss is unquestionably a paradigm shift for Tamil television audiences, who have been predominantly tuned to watching mega-serial soaps since time immemorial.

The reason the show has gained massive traction on the internet, especially in the last few days, is because of the ever-growing fan base of contestant Oviya, who is making viewers swoon with her pure air of nonchalance and unmistakable charm.
Namitha eliminated; Oviya and Ganesh Venkataraman survive
While Ganesh Venkatraman and Oviya survived elimination, Namitha has been evicted from the show. "This is the most challenging moment of my life. I hate dirty mind games. If you give love and respect, I reciprocate the same. I would like to warn others about Oviya's attitude. She keeps provoking everyone and plays mind-games to manipulate others. Julie always stages a drama to attract attention. Julie glorified her pain and put up an exaggerated performance," told Namitha who labeled Julie as a 'bag of lies' and Oviya as a 'chameleon.'
Namitha summed up her experience in the house as 'a five-star jail,' to which Kamal Haasan quickly retorted with his sharp wit saying, "There's another five-star jail." His indirect dig at the infamous Koovathur resort incident where nearly a hundred MLAs of Tamil Nadu legislative assembly camped to support the Sasikala faction a few months back brought the roof down.
Inmates corner Oviya; Kamal Haasan reveals the truth
Namitha, Gayathri, and Julie ganged up against Oviya and cornered her this week before they persuaded other housemates, including captain Shakthi, to request Bigg Boss for the eviction of Oviya. They even discussed if there's any provision in the Bigg Boss rules to expel a contestant citing unanimous consensus among others objecting to Oviya's stay in the house.
Julie suddenly suffered a violent stomach cramp, and all hell broke loose.  While Snehan, Shakthi, and Aarav immediately came to Julie's rescue, including Oviya who brought her the water, Gayathri, Namitha and Raiza stood idle, completely oblivious to the happenings and even suggested that Julie is staging a drama to grab attention.
Julie sobbed in pain, and Oviya soothed her nerves and advised her to take rest. A few moments later, Julie feels dejected that Gayathri and Namitha have suspicions about her real pain and laments about it to Oviya. However, when Oviya goes out, and Gayathri and Namitha enter the room, Julie turns the narrative topsy-turvy. "It was Oviya who told me that you guys were apprehensive about my pain and felt I'm just acting," Julie said to Namitha and Gayathri, who seemed quite irked by Oviya's accusations.
The dire consequences of the harmless conversation between Oviya and Julie and how the former projected a nasty version of the same to other housemates, heedless of attracting the ire of viewers, are the major talking point of last week.
Kamal Haasan sharply criticizes Julie for 'hallucinating things' 

Kamal Haasan, on Saturday's episode, put an end to conjectures by showing the video of the Oviya-Julie conversation to everyone, which exposed Julie as a liar. Julie accepted to have manipulated a few things, but when she was still defensive about her doings, Haasan went sharply critical and said, "It's not manipulation, Julie. It's hallucination."

While Haasan perfectly laid bare Julie's deceptive behavior with a flurry of point-blank questions, he was surprisingly polite with Gayathri's frequent use of indirect caste slurs in the show. Whether the Julie-Oviya altercation overshadowed Gayathri's usage of foul language or not remains to be seen.

Raiza confronts a demoralized Julie and advises her to be true to her conscience. "Don't lie. Why did you have to lie? It affects everyone in the house," Raiza said Julie, who had still maintained her thin-skinned standpoint.

Shakthi threatens to slap Oviya, who shows fiery spunk

During one of the heated conversations, when Oviya demanded a proper reason for her removal as the captain of the cleaning team, Shakthi threatened to slap Oviya, who showed fiery spunk and dared Shakthi to slap her, before inmates appeased the tense situation. This particular moment was enjoyed by netizens, who came up with a torrent of hilarious memes that lauded Oviya's courage.

Shakthi, Aarav, and Snehan discuss how a simple lie of Julie has put everyone's character in jeopardy. Aarav has proved himself as a level-headed candidate in the house, analyzing the pros and cons of a situation every single time, before concluding anything with mere hearsay.

Updated Date: Jul 24, 2017 10:05:04 IST

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