Bigg Boss Tamil week 4: Oviya's popularity grows, Namitha battles elimination

Surendhar MK

Jul 20, 2017 10:46:09 IST

After the surprising eviction of Harathi, the fourth week has commenced in the house with ten contestants. Sakthi, who enjoys a comfortable majority and goodwill among inmates, has been elected as the new house captain for the week.

Housemates gave new nominations for elimination this week and Oviya, who has won the hearts of viewers overwhelmingly, is once again nominated for eviction with six votes. Namitha - with six votes - and Ganesh Venkatraman - with five votes - are the other inmates who are facing elimination this week.

Oviya continues to wins hearts; #OviyaArmy defends actress relentlessly

There has been a flurry of Oviya Fan accounts on Facebook and Twitter in the last one week. Various groups like 'Oviya Army,' and 'Oviyans' have mushroomed online and attracted massive traction on their pages with highly funny memes and troll videos. When Oviya was nominated for eviction on the first day, #OviyaArmy was a trending topic on Twitter in Chennai within minutes of the announcement on television. Her rapid rise in popularity over the past few days is unquestionably incredible.

 Bigg Boss Tamil week 4: Oviyas popularity grows, Namitha battles elimination

Oviya caught red-handed while trying to steal the diamond. Screengrab from Hotstar

Ardent fans of Oviya have been urging audiences on a regular basis to vote for her to survive elimination. Several customized meme campaigns have been doing the rounds to ensure Oviya stays in the house for long. Oviya, unlike Ganesh and Namitha, looks completely unfazed by her nomination.

Namitha has already started packing her bags saying she has plenty of luggage. But Oviya believes that Ganesh Venkatraman will exit the house this week. "Harathi was not real. Her true character came out sometimes. She was not the same. That's the main reason she was evicted," observed Oviya.

Also, Oviya squared her relationship with Aarav saying she doesn't have anything in her mind now and is ready to be good friends with him again. Politely perceiving the tense situation, Aarav too cleared the air and said he too doesn't carry anything in his mind.

Gayathri sheds crocodile tears; Aarav mad at Namitha

On the opening day of the fourth week, Gayathri shed crocodile tears at the wrong portrayal of her character, before Sakthi and Snehan pacified her. Namitha felt isolated saying she doesn't fit to be in the house. Snehan, Gayathri, and Namitha found fault with Ganesh Venkatraman's over-eating.

Meanwhile, Aarav is mad at Namitha since the latter has been calling him names. "She called me 'item boy,' 'watchman' etc. I have respect for her as a senior. But, I can't take this name-calling anymore. Next time, I'm will confront her surely," says a furious Aarav.

Namitha tells Raiza that the winner of the Bigg Boss will be either Julie or Oviya. "People don't like true personalities. That's why Julie and Oviya keep winning votes. One is an actor, and the other one is totally fake," Namitha told Raiza, who duly agreed.

Raiza directly nominated by Bigg Boss for eviction next week

Raiza violated the fundamental rules of Bigg Boss by openly discussing the elimination nominations with Gayathri. Despite repeated warnings from Gayathri, Raiza kept deliberating about it, earning the wrath of Bigg Boss for the second consecutive time in the last one week. Bigg Boss called Raiza to the confession room and informed her that she'd been directly nominated for the eviction next week.

"This is so silly. Like some school. It's stupid," said Raiza about her eviction. It must be noted that Raiza received a similar warning last week for her non-stop English conversations in the house. Captain Ganesh had to put a plaster on her mouth as a punishment before Kamal Haasan lifted it citing freedom of speech is important in the Bigg Boss house.

Sakthi asked to play thief; breaks down in tears

Bigg Boss assigns an exciting task for house mates this week to earn points for the luxury budget. Inmates are asked to live their life for the next three days like real family members, with Vaiyapuri as the head of the house. Ganesh is the eldest son of the household, and Namitha plays his wife. Sakthi becomes the second son, and Gayathri plays his wife. Aarav is the youngest son, and Julie is the teenage daughter of the family. Oviya plays Julie's friend, and Raiza essays the role of a guest in the house. But the hardest job goes to Snehan, who plays a house servant, entrusted with the duties of cooking, cleaning, and washing.

Bigg Boss gives the housemates a precious diamond and asks them to secure it for the next three days. Bigg Boss informs that anyone in the family can steal the diamond, and everyone in the household should ensure its safety in the home. If the diamond is stolen before the completion of three days, the luxury budget task will be quashed for the week.

Bigg Boss calls each inmate to the confession room and assigns particular personality traits to follow over the next three days. Sakthi is given the role of 'Thiruda' (Thief), and he needs to replace the real diamond with a duplicate one provided by Bigg Boss without the knowledge of others. Despite completing the task, Sakthi, unable to witness the frantic search for the diamond by other inmates, gives up and confesses that he's the thief.

Sakthi breaks down in tears. "I don't need to save my elimination at the cost of others. My conscience is important to me. If not Bigg Boss, I would go out and survive as an actor. I would love to be a human being first," said an emotional Sakthi.

Updated Date: Jul 20, 2017 10:46:09 IST

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