Bigg Boss Tamil week 3 updates: Harathi eliminated; Kamal Haasan talks to Bharani about his eviction

Surendhar MK

Jul 17, 2017 10:54:20 IST

The third week of Bigg Boss  Tamil ended on a highly surprising note, with Harathi eliminated from the show after losing the support of viewers. Harathi's unpleasantly condescending attitude attracted a lot of hate on the Internet where social media warriors ridiculed her to death.

Bigg Boss Tamil week 3 updates: Harathi eliminated; Kamal Haasan talks to Bharani about his eviction

Harathi speaking with the other housemates of Bigg Boss. Screengrab

Before announcing the eviction, when Kamal Haasan asked Harathi and Julie to be prepared to bid farewell to the others, the latter broke down, while the former held back her feelings and seemed to be calm and accepting about what had happened. "I promised my dad that I wouldn't cry on the show. So, I'm happy to have not shed tears," Harathi said, and left the house after 'strongly recommending' Oviya's name for the captain's position. "I find myself at a loss for words. I considered Harathi only as a contender and have no personal grudge against her. I wholeheartedly thank everyone who voted for me to stay," said Julie.

"They deeply hurt me and left me depressed," said Bharani
In an interesting twist, Kamal Haasan invited Bharani to the show and talked about his unfortunate eviction and how the other contestants shattered his self-confidence. Bharani told Haasan that he is feeling depressed that the housemates prevented him from being part of a good show.
"They said there's no safety for women in the house when I'm there. It deeply hurt me. Even the men in the home seconded that opinion. And they all discussed going on a hunger strike and not performing any task if I'm not sent back. So, I didn't want to be a burden to anyone and decided to quit," said Bharani.
Contestants shake a leg for Thala-Thalapathy songs

Following Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan's dance marathon on the first two days of the third week, contestants were asked by Bigg Boss to groove to the foot-tapping songs of Thala (Ajith)-Thalapathy (Vijay) as a part of the luxury budget task. The inmates dressed up as Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Ghilli character and Thala Ajith's Vedalam character, and shook a leg to chartbusters like 'Machi Open The Bottle', 'Appadi Podu', 'Aaluma Doluma', 'Ada Ennathaa Solvenungo', 'Adhaaru Adhaaru', and 'Adadada Aarambame'. Ganesh Venkatraman chose Harathi as the best performer at the end of the luxury budget task, which makes her eligible to contest for house captain next week along with Sakthi, who was earlier nominated unanimously by inmates.

"Julie is an energy vampire," says Namitha

Gayathri let down Julie once again by blurting out to Sakthi, Aarav, and Snehan about Julie's crush for Aarav, who seems quite disinterested. While Snehan and Sakthi enjoy pulling Aarav's leg, Gayathri quietly maligned Julie's character in all her casual conversations with the inmates.

"Julie is an energy vampire. She eats up all our energy during crucial situations. That's her strategy to win the Bigg Boss title. When everyone performs, she comes close to the stage to seek the attention of the viewers. That's really rude," Namitha told Ganesh Venkatraman, who politely requested Julie not to steal others limelight while they perform on stage.

Harathi's harrassment of Julie hasn't gone down well with viewers.

Harathi's harrassment of Julie hasn't gone down well with viewers.

Raiza punished for continuously speaking in English 

Bigg Boss punished Raiza for her non-stop English conversations by putting a plaster on her mouth. Ganesh Venkatraman ensured Raiza doesn't speak until further notice from Bigg Boss and the latter took the punishment sportingly without making any fuss. Kamal Haasan mentioned that freedom of speech is as important in the Bigg Boss house as it is in our country and gave Raiza one final warning before revoking the punishment.

Kamal Haasan's point-blank questions stir anxiety among inmates

"Are you treating everyone in this house equally? Do you realise people are watching you?" Kamal Haasan asked Gayathri, who replied in the affirmative. Gayathri felt something was not right and discussed leaving the house immediately with Snehan and Sakthi. "See, I have been portrayed as a 'villi' (baddie) all along in the show. I don't think it is right. They are editing out and showing only a section of my conversations to viewers," Gayathri tells Snehan and Sakthi, while admitting to Haasan that she is trying to control her anger.

Kamal Haasan showed a clip of Gayathri to the inmates, where she could be seen asking Bigg Boss for chocolate powder, citing low calcium levels. However, Bigg Boss informed Gayathri after taking her blood test that her calcium level is normal. But Gayathri lied to the housemates, and said that Bigg Boss had given her chocolate powder for this very reason. "I didn't understand what Bigg Boss said. I thought he said my calcium level was low," Gayathri told Haasan, whose observations on various contestants are quite accurate and aligned perfectly with the audiences.

Kamal Haasan on the sets of Bigg Boss Tamil

Kamal Haasan on the sets of Bigg Boss Tamil

Haasan asked Ganesh Venkatraman if Julie was being treated properly by the inmates and he replied positively. Oviya said she will not be able to win the title as an 'individual' without taking part in the proceedings of the house. "Do you think Gayathri is backbiting?" Haasan asks Snehan, who replied negatively.

In his conversation with Bharani, Haasan reiterated that Bigg Boss is a social experiment to let people understand the merits of solidarity and being together under one roof. Haasan took everyone to task by posting a lot of uncomfortable questions this week, which laid bare the real face of inmates. The answers given by the contestants and the kind of issues discussed by Haasan will certainly lead to a lot of unrest in the house for the next few days.

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