Bigg Boss Tamil week 2 updates: Ganja Karuppu evicted, Oviya expresses her love for Aarav

Surendhar MK

Jul,10 2017 11:18:54 IST

Following Anuya last week, Ganja Karuppu is the next contestant to be evicted from the house in the second week of elimination. While Anuya's elimination was an easy guess, this week was a tie between Ganja Karuppu and Bharani, since Oviya is too sweet and lovely a candidate to be expelled from the house. The fact that Bharani has won the overwhelming love of the audiences proves that he is the most misunderstood character, combating his inner demons and a promise - that he won't get angry and hit anyone - made to his wife.


Ganja Karuppu in Bigg Boss Tamil.

Unlike Anuya, Ganja Karuppu received a slight emotional farewell from the inmates. His entertaining imitations of Namitha will be certainly missed. "I genuinely felt Bharani will be eliminated. I have started to like Ganja Karuppu more," Raiza told Namitha.

Finally, 'Jallikattu' star Julie stands up to Harathi's harassment

An angry Harathi shouts at Julie. Screengrab from Hotstar.

The episodes 6 and 7 unmasked Harathi and Gayathri's sheer hate for Julie, who finally decided to stand up against their never-ending harassment. Julie raged with unabating fury and engaged in a verbal duel with Harathi, whose doltish arguments were defended by house captain Gayathri.

Other contestants, especially Aarav and Sakthi, have begun to feel that Harathi and Gayathri are needlessly pestering the hapless Julie, who is seen pacified by Oviya. "Julie is naive. I think Harathi and Gayathri feel threatened by her presence in the house. They don't miss any chance to trigger her emotions. It eventually makes her protest," Sakthi observed carefully.

"Harathi is a like a snake. She spells venom with her words," Aarav told Oviya, who seconded him. Julie broke down and sobbed like a child. She packed her bags and asked Bigg Boss to send her home immediately before she came to terms with the reality.

Oviya expresses her love to Aarav 

The blossoming romance between Aarav and Oviya is the highlight of the last episode.

"You have not even congratulated me for surviving elimination this week. I think you just have a crush on me, no? But, my love is true. I'm really in love with you. But, if you are not interested, I'll let it go," Oviya told Aarav, who, as usual, was reticent about his feelings.  Aarav says he is quite upset about Ganja Karuppu's elimination and that he's surprised by the decision of the public.

Enjoyable Tamil tongue-twisters task and Ganesh Venkatraman's hilarious imitation of 'Paruthiveeran.'

As a hilarious luxury budget task, Bigg Boss gives colloquial Tamil tongue-twisters to the housemates to practice and tell correctly without seeing anything, and Snehan is assigned to oversee the activity. Oviya's cute method of practicing the tongue-twister by crooning it like a song won hearts, including the show host Kamal Haasan who said she bowled him over with her nonchalance.

Ganesh Venkatraman's imitation of Karthi's body language and dialogue from the movie 'Paruthiveeran' left viewers in splits. "It's difficult to get the local language spoken in a particular region. That's why 'Madras Baashai' is one of the toughest languages to converse," Kamal Haasan said and broke into his iconic 'Madras' tongue for a few minutes, which was a treat to the ears.

Julie reconciles with Harathi and Gayathri

Ganesh Venkatraman and Bharani pacify a sobbing Julie. Screengrab from Hotstar.

Julie tries to reconcile with Harathi and Gayathri and agrees that some of her remarks in the verbal tussle were uncalled for. Gayathri avoids talking to Julie, who feels disturbed about the way things have turned out. "I always considered you like my sister. That's why I advised you patiently whenever you did something wrong. But, you failed to understand me. This is not the Julie I knew. Unless you prove me again that you're a nice girl, I won't talk to you," Gayathri told Julie.

"The moment I entered this home, you said that I'm 'fake.' It did hurt me. But I didn't care to bother. Then, you kept repeatedly telling me that I'm not true to my conscience. I left my nursing job, yes. I do miss profession. Why did you have to pinpoint it every time? But, I felt that I let out some words in haste. I'm really sorry about it," Julie told Harathi, who dismissed her approach to reconnecting.

"You won only because of Thala Ajith"

Housemates are assigned a fresh set of challenges: to dance, sing and enact a drama. Oviya, Aarav, Gayathri and Sakthi's dance performance to the track 'Jing Chikka Jing Chikka' from Ajith's Veeram stole the show. Snehan fittingly presented the team with an award. While everyone appreciated their performance, Harathi said, "You guys won only because of Thala Ajith. It's Thala Song, after all."

Sakthi lost his temper and got irritated with Harathi's overbearing attitude. "If you don't appreciate us, it's okay. But, don't demean our efforts."

It's evident now that Harathi will be one of the contestants who will be voted for elimination this week by housemates. Her statements have ruffled the feathers of a handful of inmates, who have openly spoken out against her.

Even Kamal Haasan took funny potshots at Harathi's judgemental behavior. "You keep asking Julie about her profession. Why can't be a celebrity if she was a nurse? I was an actor during the beginning stages of my career. Then I plunged into screenwriting and direction," said Haasan.

Updated Date: Jul 10, 2017 11:18 AM