Bigg Boss Tamil week 2 update: Gayathri elected new leader; Julie caught red-handed by viewers

Surendhar MK

Jul,06 2017 15:51:35 IST

Snehan's tenure as home captain came to an end this week and Gayathri Raguram has been elected as the new leader after winning the majority votes from the housemates. Ganesh Venkatraman won the second maximum number of votes just like last week when Snehan outperformed him.

Gayathri was on cloud nine with her new job, which saves her from elimination this week.

Gayathri elected new house leader

Gayathri is elected the new leader of the Bigg Boss house.

Bharani, Ganja Karuppu, and Oviya face elimination

The inmates nominate Bharani, as everyone anticipated, Ganja Karuppu and Oviya for elimination this week. Everyone felt Bharani is attention-seeking, disrespectful, intimidating and mostly annoying. He got the unanimous majority (nine votes) among housemates. Ganja Karuppu got the second most nominations for elimination. Oviya said he is very short-tempered, and that she's a little scared about his attitude.

Bharani then cried in front of the bathroom camera and requested Bigg Boss to send him home soon. He also confessed that he's been controlling his anger as sought by his wife before the show.

While Vaiyapuri and Ganja Karuppu discussed the eligible candidates for upcoming weeks' eliminations, Ganesh Venkatraman hinted that there could be a wild card entry, which might open doors for new contestants.

'Jallikattu' star Julie caught red-handed; receives flak from viewers

Julie's Pondicherry-set old musical videos titled 'En Kadhal Solla Vandhen' and 'Neeyum Naanum' suddenly surfaced on the web and went viral. It served as the perfect fodder for meme-makers, who worked overtime with uproarious memes and troll videos. In one of the earlier episodes, Julie had said, "Unlike other celebrities in the house, I've never faced a camera in my life. The fact that I'm a commoner annoys everyone. I feel my presence rattles them."

Social media warriors painted Julie as a liar, and she went on to dominate the Bigg Boss topic of discussion on Facebook and Twitter timelines of several users.

As we said earlier, Julie will be a key contestant in Bigg Boss since her antics have garnered a lot of attention among viewers and her personality traits spell a lot of drama in the house.

Namitha wants to go home immediately

While Ganja Karuppu enjoyed imitating Namitha's half-baked Tamil, Vaiyapuri ranted about her cleanliness habits. Meanwhile, Namitha fell sick and stayed out of the action for quite some time, including the new tasks given to inmates. She packed her bag and expressed her wish to leave Bigg Boss immediately. "This is not well. If one of your housemates is not well, others will have to respect, no? They didn't. No problem. Don't respect," Namitha tells Gayathri.

Namitha later came out of the confession room and said things are fine now. "All okay. Bigg Boss assured me that it would not happen again. I had a severe stomach ache. For 30 to 45 minutes, I couldn't hold on. It was extremely painful. I told him I'm ready to go. But he said I should not go and asked me to unpack my things."

Contestants face new set of hilarious challenges

Bigg Boss gave a luxury budget shopping task called 'Back To School' where inmates were asked to recite Tamil anthem 'Tamizh Thaai Vaazhthu' without seeing the lines. Julie became the butt of all jokes on the internet once again for confidently claiming to the housemates that it's written by 'Thaayumanavar' and that she learned it in her anglo-Indian school.

Poet Manonmaniam Sundaram Pillai wrote the Tamil anthem, and audiences quickly pointed it out on their social media pages.

Bigg Boss discarded another luxury budget task where inmates were asked to dedicate interesting Tamil proverbs to each other.

"You all have failed this task. Most of you dedicated the proverb to yourselves, which is against the rule. Despite spending nearly ten days in the house, you are still skeptical to speak your mind," Bigg Boss observed and warned contestants.

Gayathri's hate for Julie reiterated once again

Julie breaks down in tears to Oviya

Julie breaks down, rants to Oviya.

Gayathri's hate for Julie has renewed in the show once again when she accused Julie of looking down at her sarcastically while mentioning that she had been to an anglo-Indian school. "Just a few minutes back, I told Julie that I went to a Punjabi school and I did not have to recite Tamil anthem," Gayathri told Harathi.

Julie broke down in tears. "I saw everyone while reciting the song. What's wrong in it? It really hurts when she accuses me when I'm not at fault. I'm not acting fake. This is me, and I'm true to my conscience," Julie told Oviya.

Gayathri's constant harassment of Julie continues, and it once again proves that she, along with Harathi, wants Julie to be eliminated sooner than later. Later, Oviya and Raiza pacified a dejected Julie.

Updated Date: Jul 06, 2017 15:56 PM