Bigg Boss Tamil Week 13 update: Snehan elected leader; Ganesh, Bindhu, Aarav, Harish face elimination

Surendhar MK

Sep 21, 2017 10:58:33 IST

Bigg Boss Tamil has entered its thirteenth week with just six contestants - Aarav, Snehan, Ganesh Venkatraman, Suja Varunee, Bindhu Madhavi, and Harish Kalyan - fighting for the coveted title. With the completion of 87 days in the house, the show is inching towards its closing stage, and the battle for points among inmates to get selected for the final round has started firmly.

The exit of Vaiyapuri has evidently left a void in the house, with housemates recalling his idiosyncrasies in their conversations regularly. Meanwhile, Harish Kalyan, who was still reeling under last week's bitter experiences during one of the tasks, started the Monday episode on a depressing note. "I've never seen any severe struggles in my personal life. The only time I struggled a lot was when my girlfriend broke up with me. So, I'm not able to manage this mentally," said Harish, who was genuinely consoled by Bindhu, Ganesh, and Snehan.

 Bigg Boss Tamil Week 13 update: Snehan elected leader; Ganesh, Bindhu, Aarav, Harish face elimination

Suja, Bindhu, and Ganesh console a depressed Harish. Image courtesy Hotstar.

Bigg Boss elects Snehan as the leader of the house

Bigg Boss directly nominated Ganesh, Bindhu, Aarav, Suja, and Harish for elimination this week, to the surprise of viewers. "Since everyone is nominated for the eviction process except Snehan, he will be the leader of the house this week. The points you score this week are crucial since you all have only two weeks left in the home. So, play wisely and passionately," informed Bigg Boss.

Snehan chose Ganesh and Suja for the cooking team, Aarav and Bindhu for the cleaning team, and Harish for the vessel washing team. He also told Bigg Boss that he would lend a helping hand to any team which requests his help.

'Balloon' task sparks a fierce war of words between Snehan and Suja 

Bigg Boss announced a new game for inmates based on balloons with two rounds. According to the rule, the participants were divided into two teams with three members each. Two candidates from both teams were asked to stick balloons simultaneously on a coloured drawing board while the third one would play spoilsport by preventing the other two from doing it.

Bindhu, Aarav, and Snehan formed a team and Suja, Harish, and Ganesh joined forces for the other team. While Bindhu and Aarav took on the job of sticking balloons, Ganesh from the opposite team was busy in stopping them from doing it. Meanwhile, Snehan was designated to impede the work of Suja and Harish.

While the game started off on a light note, it gradually transformed into a violent confrontation between Suja and Snehan, who grabbed the attention of viewers on social media platforms. Suja held Snehan guilty of misconduct during the game and expressed sharp disapproval of his approaches. Infuriated at Suja's immoral remarks, Snehan continued to play the game with towering rage and eventually ended up on the losing side.

"This is a delicate game. While I had to prevent Bindhu from sticking the balloons, it was also imperative to maintain decorum and behave like a perfect gentleman in handling her. I was very conscious about it," Ganesh told his teammate Suja, who lamented that Snehan acted on the contrary.  The task proved to be physically demanding and sparked a fierce war of words between Snehan and Suja.

Contestants playfully engage in a spree of light-hearted tasks 

Following the extremely challenging balloon task, Bigg Boss introduced a spree of light-hearted tasks which left a smile on the faces of inmates. Bigg Boss placed a telephone in the hall and assigned a specific task to each housemate who picked up the phone. The general rule of the job was that the inmate should convince someone in the house to complete the work jointly and share the ten points between them in any proportion they like.

Harish was asked to convince someone to get a part of their hair coloured. Suja came forward to do the task, and the duo shared five points each. Snehan was instructed to convince someone to wax one of their legs and hands. Aarav partnered with Snehan completed the task and they shared five points each.

After more such tasks, Bigg Boss announced the total points earned by each contestant. Aarav topped the list with 20 points, followed by Suja and Snehan at 18 and 15 points respectively. While Ganesh scored 14 points, Bindu and Harish secured 10 and 8 points each.

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Updated Date: Sep 21, 2017 10:58:33 IST