Bigg Boss Tamil Week 12: Aarav elected leader; Harish, Snehan, Aarav, Vaiyapuri face elimination

Surendhar MK

Sep 14, 2017 11:18:11 IST

Bigg Boss Tamil has successfully entered its final stages with seven contestants inside the house. The 'Golden Ticket to Finale' contest, which keeps throwing up challenges for the participants over these past few days, has brought back the viewers who quit watching the show after Oviya left the house.

Aarav was directly elected as the leader of the week by the Bigg Boss without any nominations from inmates. "I'm electing you as the head because you missed out a lot of opportunities in previous weeks," Bigg Boss told Aarav, adding that he will not be excluded from the eviction process this week since housemates did not choose him as the leader.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 12: Aarav elected leader; Harish, Snehan, Aarav, Vaiyapuri  face elimination

The contestants perform the 'Who's Inside the Car?' task on Week 12 of Bigg Boss Tamil

Suja Varunee released from the secret room

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss released Suja Varunee from the secret room she was confined to for the past 24 hours. As Suja entered the house, inmates welcomed her with shock and surprise since they all thought she was eliminated from the show last week.

Suja confronted Snehan and asked him why he called her an emotionally weak candidate and a fool. "When I was inside the secret room, I heard you calling me 'loosu' (fool). Can you honestly say you were not emotional at any moment inside the house? I can't be a stone. I have emotions, and I need to express it. That's what makes me a human," Suja told Snehan, who argued that he passed those remarks casually and in a light-hearted manner.

Harish Kalyan, Vaiyapuri, Aarav, and Snehan nominated for eviction

Contestants are asked by the Bigg Boss to choose this week's nominees for eviction after Suja re-entered the house from the secret room. The inmates nominated Harish Kalyan, Vaiyapuri, Aarav, and Snehan for this week's eviction process. Snehan's nomination for eviction was the talking point among other housemates during one of the tasks for the 'Golden Ticket to Finale' contest.

Bigg Boss assigns bed-sheet stitching task to contestants

As part of the 'Golden Ticket to Finale,' Bigg Boss announced a new task and asked inmates to stitch a bed sheet with the clothes wrapped around balls and thrown into the garden area. Bigg Boss also mentioned that contestants who collect clothes wrapped around black balls have the right to stop other inmates from stitching for some time.

While everyone started sewing the bed-sheet enthusiastically, Vaiyapuri struggled to put it together and made a complete mess of it. "I should have left the house when Kamal Haasan sir provided me an option to quit. It would at least take me a year to finish stitching a bed-sheet," moaned Vaiyapuri.

The most challenging 'Who's inside the car?' task announced

Bigg Boss announced the most difficult task of the season titled "Who's inside the car?" According to the task, contestants were asked to get inside the car parked in the garden area. "Once you hear the buzzer sound, you all should discuss and mutually conclude to send one by one from the car. One who stays inside the car finally will get 10 points for the 'Golden Ticket to Finale' contest. One who wins this task will be close to the finale," announced Bigg Boss.

Bindhu voluntarily withdrew from the task and came out of the car as the first candidate stating it was difficult to sit on Ganesh's lap in the backseat. Aarav quit the mission following Bindhu, without any proper reason. Vaiyapuri said he couldn't survive inside the car for a long time since he had a chronic back pain and gave up. Harish Kalyan followed Vaiyapuri saying he was not willing to sit inside the car for the whole night and conceded defeat.

The contestants inside the car finally came down to three with Ganesh, Suja, and Snehan fighting the battle. Both Snehan and Suja request Ganesh to quit the game stating some reasonable demands from both sides. "I sincerely understand their requirements. I also agree that their problems are more grave than mine, so I choose to admit defeat and leave the car," Ganesh informed Bigg Boss.

Snehan cries his heart out after losing the 'Who's inside the car?' task

Due to some foul play in the game on Snehan's part, Bigg Boss announced Suja Varunee as the winner of the 'Who's inside the car?' task. Snehan, completely demoralised by the declaration, cried his heart out to other contestants. "The task lasted for 20 hours. Do you know how difficult it was to sit in the front seat when the sun was scorching in the morning? I know how to fulfill my needs. I don't want anyone to talk to me. I'm going to speak to Kamal sir on Saturday and leave the house," said Snehan.

At the end of last night's episode, contestants eagerly took a look at the 'Golden Ticket to Finale' scoreboard, which is topped by Bindhu with 24 points and Ganesh with 22 points. Vaiyapuri was at the bottom of the scoreboard with 4 points, and Suja Varunee occupied the penultimate position with 6 points.

Updated Date: Sep 14, 2017 11:18:11 IST