Bigg Boss Tamil week 11 updates: Suja Varunee confined to secret room; Sakthi, Harathi and Julie eliminated

Surendhar MK

Sep 11, 2017 15:37:32 IST

Week 11 has seen a drastic change in Bigg Boss Tamil, with the number of people inside the house reducing from 10 to six now. While the temporary stay of ex-contestants Sakthi, Harathi and Julie has concluded, Suja Varunee, who was facing elimination alongside Harish Kalyan, Bindhu Madhavi, and Ganesh Venkatraman this week, was confined to a secret room in the house.

Although Kamal Haasan agreed to the inmates' request for a no-eviction week, he didn't reveal it to them. Contestants inside the house — Aarav, Vaiyapuri, Snehan, Ganesh, Harish, Bindhu — still believe that Suja Varunee has been evicted from the show, and that the game is now between them.

Suja Varunee's stay in the secret room will last for a day or two before she joins the other inmates in the house, informed Kamal Haasan. "If you behave bravely in the secret room without any drama, you will return to the house soon, which means you're not evicted," said Haasan.

Surprise visits from family members leave inmates happy and emotional

The last few episodes witnessed non-stop surprise visits from the family members of contestants, who were visibly on cloud nine.

Bigg Boss Tamil week 11 updates: Suja Varunee confined to secret room; Sakthi, Harathi and Julie eliminated

Suja Varunee confined to a secret room

Vaiyapuri said he was always worried about the future of his children. "I used to shout at them for silly reasons. But, the Bigg Boss Tamil house has changed me into a happy person now. And, my children were surprised to see me like that. I'll be a good father to them when I go out," he said.

The outburst of emotions among the contestants when Snehan's septuagenarian father made an entry into the house left audiences spellbound. Everyone broke down and embraced him warmly.

Contestants break down after seeing Snehan's father

Contestants break down after seeing Snehan's father

Suja Varunee sobbed uncontrollably when Kamal Haasan asked her about the surprise visits. "My father left me when I was a child. I haven't seen him. I don't even have a picture of him. When Snehan's dad arrived, I couldn't control my emotions. I wish my father comes to see me some day. I will continue to wait for him," said Suja.

Kamal Haasan said that Suja doesn't need to wait long. "You needn't wait longer. Wait for two or three months. If he doesn't come, I will come to your house to eat your food," said Haasan.

"One needs courage to participate in the Bigg Boss" - Vishnu Vishal

While a lot of celebrities, such as Rana Daggubati and Taapsee Pannu, have made surprise entries into the Bigg Boss Telugu house in previous episodes, actors Vishnu Vishal and Catherine Tresa's entry is the first such instance in the Bigg Boss Tamil show.

Actors Vishnu Vishal and CatherineTresa made a special entry to the house

Actors Vishnu Vishal and CatherineTresa made a special entry to the house

"Every human being has flaws. But we all hide them. Hats off to you all for being part of Bigg Boss Tamil, which is an interesting experiment. Viewers are watching your real face, and I think one needs courage to participate in this show, which exposes your strengths and weaknesses thoroughly. I definitely wouldn't have had the guts to take part in a show like this," said Vishnu.

Kamal Haasan announces 'Golden Ticket to Finale' task

Kamal Haasan announced a 'Golden Ticket' task which gives contestants direct entry to the final round and protects them from the eviction process.

"From today, you will have a task every day. The one who winsthe maximum points will receive this 'Golden Ticket' from me. The winner cannot be nominated for the elimination process and will enter the final directly," explained Haasan.

"Education should be the prerogative of the state" - Kamal Haasan

Talking about the widespread student protests across Tamil Nadu in light of NEET petitioner Anitha's suicide, Kamal Haasan said education should be the prerogative of the state.

"Our children are out on the streets. I think we have failed them. This issue [NEET] should be sorted out by dialogue and not by protests, I believe. This is my opinion. My remarks are always open to criticism. If it is constructive, I always welcome it. If it's caustic, I'll ask for a better solution from the critic. India is a multi-cultural nation, and I desire to see the state government devise and draft education policies for their students," said Haasan.

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