Bigg Boss Tamil Week 11: Bindhu Madhavi, Ganesh Venkatraman face elimination; Vaiyapuri elected leader

Surendhar MK

Sep 07, 2017 11:21:26 IST

In Bigg Boss Tamil, a new method was introduced to choose the head of the house for the eleventh week. While contestants shortlisted Ganesh Venkatraman, Snehan, and Vaiyapuri for the captain position, Harathi whined about how everyone neglected female candidates when it came to opportunities to be the leader. Inmates were asked to give green (positive) and red (negative) stars to the shortlisted nominees, and Vaiyapuri eventually won the majority of green badges and was elected as the leader for the first time in the house.

Bindhu Madhavi, Harish Kalyan, Suja Varunee and Ganesh Venkatraman face elimination

After the evictions nominations were submitted for the week, Bigg Boss announced that Snehan, Ganesh Venkatraman, Suja Varunee, and Harish Kalyan would face the elimination process. Bigg Boss asked Ganesh to utilise his power, which he has been withholding since the eighth week, to save one of the eviction nominees.

Although Ganesh decided to rescue Snehan from the elimination process, Bigg Boss asked Snehan to nominate someone to replace him directly. Snehan picked Bindhu Madhavi for the eviction, and she took it sportively.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 11: Bindhu Madhavi, Ganesh Venkatraman face elimination; Vaiyapuri elected leader

Aarav and Bindhu Madhavi during the Freeze and Release task

Demoralised Suja Varunee clears the air about her personality

Suja Varunee, who was demoralised after receiving the 'Drama Queen' award from Julie, said she was happy to be honoured by the real 'Drama Queen'.

"I want to clarify that I'm not staging any drama inside the house. You all might have seen my interviews, where I was bold and plain-spoken. I gave all those bytes as an actress. It prompted me to be unafraid and straightforward. But, it doesn't mean I need to act here too. I consider the Bigg Boss house as my home, and this is my real personality. Have you ever come to my home and witnessed my behaviour there? Then how can you say that I'm acting here?" a dejected Suja Varunee asked contestants over dinner.

Harathi said she had a different image of Suja while watching the show on TV. "My perception has changed now after talking to you here. But, you don't need to justify your character. That's the main difference between Oviya and you. Oviya never bothered about her critics, and she was always herself," said Harathi.

Snehan disheartened by the 'Cunning' award given by Sakthi

Discouraged by the 'Cunning' award given to him, Snehan put on a sad face throughout the Monday episode, ruminating about his actions inside the house from the beginning of the show. While Julie and Harathi discuss Snehan refusing to acknowledge his mistakes, Sakthi talks to Snehan and points out politely that he sometimes hurts people.

Snehan maintained that he had never schemed against anyone in the house. "I might have hurt someone unintentionally. That's not my mistake. But, I swear I've never intentionally planned anything against any inmate," Snehan told an unconvinced Sakthi.

Sakthi also confronted Snehan on his double standards during the weekend's episodes in Kamal Haasan's presence. "When you were in the house with inmates, you were honest and sincere and spearheaded all of us. But when Kamal sir comes, you completely change according to the situation because you hear the claps of viewers," told Sakthi.

Vaiyapuri's family pushes him into the pool for violating Bigg Boss' rule

Vaiyapuri's family pushes him into the pool for violating Bigg Boss' rule

'Freeze and Release' task slightly irks Julie

Bigg Boss announced a new task called 'Freeze and Release' where contestants were asked to stand frozen until they received the 'release' command. Nearly half-an-hour of the Tuesday's episode was replete with fun-filled portions of the 'Freeze and Release' task.

When Bigg Boss asked everyone to freeze at one of the instances, he released Harathi after a while. Harathi was invited to pour dough on the head of one of the housemates, who were standing motionless. Harathi chose Julie and poured batter on her head and face, which irked Julie since her contact lenses were damaged in the game.

Bigg Boss punishes Vaiyapuri for violating the rule of 'Freeze and Release' task

Housemates were in for a sweet surprise in the 'Freeze and Release' task when their family members visited the Bigg Boss home. Vaiyapuri's wife and his children arrived at the house when Vaiyapuri was standing frozen. An overwhelmed Vaiyapuri violated the rule and started conversing with his wife casually.

Vaiyapuri promised his wife that he is a changed person now and will be a happy-go-lucky husband and father once he comes out of the reality show. Meanwhile, Vaiyapuri's wife told him that he should win the title and come back home. Bigg Boss punished Vaiyapuri by asking his family members to remove his mic and push him into the swimming pool.

Updated Date: Sep 07, 2017 11:21:26 IST