Bigg Boss Tamil Week 10 update: Snehan, Aarav face elimination; Julie, Harathi re-enter the house

Surendhar MK

Aug 31, 2017 11:56:47 IST

It's been sixty-five days in the Bigg Boss Tamil house since the show went on floors with 15 contestants on 25 June 2017. Now, after a bevy of evictions and a handful of wildcard entries, the show is currently progressing with 10 candidates vying for the top spot.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 10 update: Snehan, Aarav face elimination; Julie, Harathi re-enter the house

Bigg Boss Tamil is now in its tenth week

In a surprise announcement, evicted contestants Julie and Harathi re-entered the house on Monday's episode (28 August) for a week-long sojourn. Julie's conversation with Suja Varunee on the infamous Oviya-Gayathri tiff and Aarav's conversation with Harathi and Kaajal regarding his relationship with Oviya are the highlights of this tenth week of Bigg Boss, which has just begun.

Snehan, Aarav, and Kaajal face elimination this week

Bigg Boss announced open nominations this week to choose inmates for elimination. Contestants had to smear coloured powder on the faces of those they nominate. Snehan, Aarav, and Kaajal received the most votes from housemates for eviction this week.

Aarav, who was visibly distressed by the negativity surrounding his image because of the unexpected revelation during the weekend's episode where he was seen ridiculing Snehan's behavior, openly apologised in front of all contestants. "I'm usually not this kind of a person. I was angry with Snehan during that time, and it reflected in my behaviour. It was nothing personal. I still have the same respect for him. I would like to apologise to Snehan sincerely and to all the housemates, who feel that I've broken their trust."

"Will you marry Oviya if your parents give their consent?" Kaajal asks Aarav

Ever since Oviya quit the show, Aarav has frequently been confronted by inmates about the real nature of his relationship with Oviya. "If you go out of the Bigg Boss house and see Oviya waiting outside for you, how will you react?" asked a curious Harathi, who showered lavish praise on Oviya's free-spirited attitude and genuine emotions.

Aarav said he would be happy to see Oviya and agreed that he is missing her in the house. Harathi emphasised that he and Oviya made a perfect pair and asked him why he refused her proposal. "It's not as easy as you all think. I need to deliberate over a lot of other factors. My family is also involved in this. I can't take a decision impulsively," said Aarav.

Kaajal promptly retorted saying, "Imagine your parents have seen the show and feel that Oviya is a perfect match for you, what will you do then? Will you agree to her proposal?" Aarav smartly dodged the question and said there's more time to decide about Oviya and that he has always considered her a good friend.

"I've changed now, and I'm ready to accept my mistakes," says Julie

Julie, one of the most loathed contestants of the show, admitted to all her blunders and said that she's a completely changed person now. "I've learned from criticism. I read all the comments on the internet, and everyone hates me to the core. I realised all my mistakes," Julie told Suja Varunee, who asked her to open up about her blatant lie that turned the spotlight on Oviya and Gayathri, who were in open disagreement and bickered over frivolous issues.

"I agree that I lied. I've always been a person who likes to exaggerate things. I like to narrate stories with some masala. That's what I did then too. But it was completely unintentional. Loud talk is my nature. I can't change that," Juli confessed to Suja Varunee.

Level-headed Snehan grows tired of happenings inside the house

Despite the momentary joy he expressed over the return of his old friends Julie and Harathi, Snehan was not entirely satisfied with the rules of Bigg Boss. "They were nominated for eviction by us. People too rejected them. Now, they have made a re-entry, and I don't understand on what basis. Suddenly, new people have come too. We have only four-five weeks left in the show, and still, 10 contestants are inside the house."

The real purpose of Harathi and Julie's re-entry and whether they will continue to stay or say their goodbyes towards the end of this week as assured by Kamal Haasan is anybody's guess.

Updated Date: Aug 31, 2017 11:56:47 IST