Bigg Boss Tamil Week 10 update: Kajal evicted; 'Trigger' Sakthi makes surprise re-entry

Surendhar MK

September 04, 2017 10:28:11 IST

The most surprising aspect of this weekend's episode of the Bigg Boss Tamil was the unexpected re-entry of ex-contestant 'Trigger' Sakthi, who was evicted just two weeks back. Kajal, who entered the house as one of the new contestants few weeks ago alongside Harish Kalyan and Suja Varunee, was evicted from the house on Sunday's episode. Snehan and Aarav escaped elimination, thanks to viewers who still trust their good ambitions to play the game and compete for the title.

Bigg boss Tamil contestant Sakthi makes a comeback.

"Viewers treated me like a terrorist," says Julie

Julie, who was one of the ex-contestants to make a re-entry into the house, opened up about her harrowing experience with the viewers who trolled her relentlessly on the internet. "I read each and every comment on me. It was so bad and horrible. After a point of time, I could't read anything. My parents were totally upset. I received a lot of applause when I first entered this show. But, when I came here again, they were shouting 'You are a liar'. It was so hurting. They treated me like a terrorist," Julie told Bindhu Madhavi.

Julie also said that she's ready to accept her mistakes and is willing to change. "When they first ridiculed me, I used to feel awful. Now, it makes me strong. I've overcome everything," she added.

Bindhu Madhavi punished by Bigg Boss for delaying a secret task

Bigg Boss assigned a secret task to Bindhu Madhavi to make everyone in the house believe that she has fallen in love with Harish Kalyan. Although Bindhu Madhavi's delay in executing the task made Bigg Boss angry, he didn't make any qualms about it with her. But, he called Harish to the confession room and revealed Bindhu's real intentions and asked him to push her into the swimming pool as a punishment for delaying the task.

Harish promptly completed the task and informed other inmates that Bindhu Madhavi was just playing a prank on everyone as instructed by Bigg Boss.

"I felt really bad when I learned that Snehan was taking me for a ride," says Sakthi

Speaking to Kamal Haasan before re-entering the house, Sakthi said he has learned a lot after watching all the episodes in the past few days when he was at home. "For one of my mistakes, you had actually warned and criticized me indirectly. When I asked Snehan, he said you're praising me. I too believed him and didn't care to think about it so much. But only after I watched the episode recently, I got to know that he was suggesting someone else that I was a fool to think that you praised me. I felt really bad after watching what Snehan did," said Sakthi.

"Your dream is my dream too," says Kamal Haasan

Before beginning the weekend episode of Bigg Boss, Kamal Haasan expressed his heartfelt condolences to MBBS aspirant Anitha, who committed suicide after she flunked her first attempt of the NEET entrance test conducted by the central government. Anitha was a topper in the 12th standard board exam with an excellent score of 1176 out of 1200 with a medical cut off of 196.75. "It's my duty to pay my respects to Anitha. I thank Vijay TV for allowing me to speak about this issue," said Haasan.

"Sakthi has started the revolution inside the house. I think it's begun in the outside too, in our state (Tamil Nadu). I'm talking about the NEET entrance test for medical students. There are so many people to play blame games and that's none of our business. One kid has already lost her life and we should not let anyone withstand the same fate again. We all should join hands irrespective of caste and creed to eradicate the menace of evil forces. Your dream is also my dream. There are a bunch of selfish people out there to hamper our dreams. Let's tackle them head-on," said Kamal Haasan.

At a time when political pundits are frantically anticipating Kamal Haasan's entry into politics, his recent statements on the Bigg Boss show have raised many eyebrows and caught audiences completely off guard.

Updated Date: Sep 04, 2017 10:28 AM