Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya-Aarav relationship sours; viewers criticise task that mocked differently abled

Surendhar MK

Aug 03, 2017 11:22:58 IST

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Tamil kicked off with ten players in the house, including the newly-arrived damsel Bindhu Madhavi. While everyone was keenly waiting to see Bindhu Madhavi's equation with the contestants, her off-screen personality, and other behavioral traits, Oviya inadvertently stole the limelight with her partly cranky and somewhat eccentric demeanor, which left viewers, especially a section of the staunchly loyal Oviya Army, confounded.

The rift between Oviya and Aarav widens

The widening rift in the Aarav-Oviya's relationship was the talking point of the beginning of the sixth week, which already saw enough surprises to amuse the audience. Uncomfortable with Oviya's intimacy, Aarav warned her and asked her to stop behaving oddly in front of the others. Aarav also discussed the issue with Snehan and Shakthi, who felt that Aarav was not comfortable with Oviya, but also thought that he was not being straightforward about the fact that he has no feelings for her.

Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya-Aarav relationship sours; viewers criticise task that mocked differently abled

Aarav and Oviya. Image from Firstpost

Oviya repeatedly pursued Aarav despite him neglecting her and showing no interest in any conversation she initiated. Bindhu Madhavi tried to pacify a dejected Oviya and attempted to sort out the issue, but in vain. "You have no idea. It's really tough. One day, he [Aarav] says he is happy to talk to me, play with me and everything. Suddenly, he's going away now. He says people will think negatively about him. They are playing a drama, and he's falling for it," an inconsolable Oviya told Bindhu Madhavi. In fact, Bindhu chose Oviya as her most favorite contestant in the house (and Julie as the least favorite), and her concern for Oviya looked really genuine. When she asked Oviya if she was serious about Aarav, Oviya nodded in the affirmative.

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Oviya tells Aarav off

As Aarav failed to reciprocate interest and continued to ignore Oviya, she got frustrated, totally lost her cool and called Aarav a cheater. "You are a cheater. Get lost," said Oviya in a very unusual tone. While some felt that Oviya's antics were not real and that she was just pretending, others were of the opinion that she was really heartbroken at the thought of Aarav rejecting her love.

Oviya, Julie and Vaiyapuri face elimination this week

Vaiyapuri was unanimously nominated for this week's elimination, and the other two contestants who joined him were not a surprise. Once again, Julie and Oviya made it to the nominations list for this week's elimination, with the latter getting seven votes from the other contestants. While the nomination left Julie bewildered, Oviya looked unfazed by the prospect of being eliminated. "I didn't get into any trouble last week. In fact, I was quite silent. But, why did others nominate me? I really don't understand the reason," a baffled Julie told Gayathri.

Julie and Oviya. Image from Firstpost

Julie and Oviya. Image from Firstpost

Another interesting aspect of this week's eliminations was Oviya and Aarav nominating each other. "I'm nominating Aarav because I'm selfish," remarked Oviya, rather ambiguously.

Luxury budget task on differently abled people receives flak

The latest luxury budget task where Bigg Boss asked contestants to enact the role of differently abled people received flak from Twitterati, who requested Kamal Haasan and Vijay Television to stop the footage of this particular task from being aired.

As part of the task, Bigg Boss asked inmates to think of the house as a research center and appointed Vaiyapuri as the doctor and Bindu Madhavi as the nurse. Ganesh and Shakthi were assigned the roles of a ward boy and crisis attendant. The rest of the housemates have to behave like differently abled people, each suffering from a unique problem. Bigg Boss ordered Oviya to play a grief-stricken girl, who was battling a failure in her love life.

"It hurts my heart to see Bigg Boss contestants crudely portray differently abled people in the show in the name of comedy. Showing caricatures of mental torture is not comedy," wrote Kamaljii, one of the viewers on Twitter, requesting the makers to show some sensitivity in the portrayal of the differently abled.

Oviya played the role of a lovelorn girl for some time, before refusing to continue being in character. Even when Bigg Boss suggested that it would affect the luxury budget points for other contestants, she paid no heed. "It's okay. What would I do if I'm not able to perform this role? I can't play the role of a heartbroken girl when I'm in love," said Oviya.

The verbal duel between Gayathri and Oviya continues

Oviya and Gayathri, who shook hands and made up a few episodes back, are back to the square one. Gayathri asked Snehan to tell Oviya to wash her plate herself, since everyone had fallen asleep and it was already late in the night. But Oviya duly denied. "Who are you to say that to me me? Are you the captain of the house? Ask the leader to come and talk to me. I'm not in a mood to wash dishes, and I won't," said Oviya rudely, and walked out. An enraged Gayathri threw a spoon and mouthed a flurry of Tamil expletives before ending up discussing the issue with Snehan.

Oviya, who was most loved contestant in the Bigg Boss house for the last two weeks, has shown some signs of freakish behaviour this week. Is this going to be her spectacular fall from grace? The next four episodes, including the weekend appearances by Kamal Haasan, will be eagerly anticipated by viewers now.

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