Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale: Aarav wins the title; Kamal Haasan, S Shankar announce Indian 2

Surendhar MK

October 01, 2017 10:29:57 IST

Contrary to the popular belief that Snehan or Ganesh Venkatraman would walk away with the title victory, Aarav was declared the winner of the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil, which concluded on Saturday night with a glitzy finale event.

Bigg Boss Tamil is now in its tenth week

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 concludes

>While Ganesh Venkatraman earned the third runner-up position, Harish Kalyan and Snehan secured the second and first runner-up spots respectively.

Ganesh's wife Nisha was assigned to bring him to the stage. Bigg Boss asked Oviya to accompany Harish Kalyan to the stage. Later, Kamal Haasan entered the house to lead Snehan and Aarav to the stage and declared Aarav as the winner stating that he received the maximum votes from audiences for the coveted title.

Ganesh Venkatraman graciously accepted the decision of viewers and said that Bigg Boss has been a great learning experience for him. Harish Kalyan said he's happy to be a runner-up in the show. "People who had stayed 100 days in the house truly deserve the title. They've worked harder than me," said Harish.

Kamal Haasan announces his political entry loud and clear

Kamal Hasaan announced his political entry loud and clear in the grand finale episode on the Bigg Boss stage with a fiery speech. "I'm definitely coming there (pointing to audiences). Don't think I'm exploiting this stage. I'm speaking now from the bottom of my heart. These are my real words. If you think I should continue acting in movies, say it. If you think it's time for me to be a part of the change and serve society, say it loudly. Now, my wish is to die in the service of my nation, and I'm totally prepared for it," said Kamal Haasan vocally.

Kamal Haasan thanks meme-makers for no-holds-barred troll videos and memes

Kamal Haasan said the programme had received 76.7 crores votes from viewers throughout the season, including the finale. "I was initially apprehensive about being part of a show which would last for hundred days. Now, it looks like everything has passed off in a jiffy. There were times when I used to yearn for 'eyes' to watch my performance. Looking at the numbers of this show, I'm genuinely overwhelmed. I feel gifted to be standing on this platform. Audiences have continuously given constructive criticism and evicted the right candidates at appropriate situations. Now, they have created stars out of everyone. I would also like to thank everyone who trolled us non-stop on the internet with various videos and memes," Kamal Haasan said and showcased a series of side-splitting memes that went viral on the web.

"You have lost quite a bit of weight," Oviya told Aarav

All the ex-contestants, including Oviya, who never made an appearance on the show after she had quit the show, returned to the house for the grand finale with AR Rahman's superhit song 'Aalaporaan Thamizhan' from Mersal welcoming them. Everyone shared their nostalgic moments inside the house enthusiastically with each other. They laughed at their mistakes and harked back to their initial days of the reality show, which has completed its first season successfully.

The most anticipated Oviya-Aarav encounter lasted only for a brief time. Before meeting Aarav, Oviya told Anuya, "I don't know what to talk. Maybe, I will just go with the flow. I'll go and say Hi now." When the duo came face to face, Oviya casually exchanged pleasantries with Aarav and proceeded to the other room quietly before telling him that he has lost quite a bit of weight.

Snehan said Haasan that he was left spellbound after seeing all the old contestants make a surprise appearance to the house. "I'm not a crybaby but a little sentimental. I had even apologised to Bharani a few days ago during a task. I feel elated to see everyone again. I haven't slept in the last five days. I'm going to miss this house terribly," said Snehan.

Aarav and Oviya's budding romance is already among the highlights of this season of Bigg Boss Tamil

Aarav and Oviya's budding romance was a highlight of Bigg Boss Tamil

Kamal Haasan - Director Shankar's 'Indian 2' officially launched 

The official announcement of Indian 2, which marks Kamal Haasan's reunion with director S Shankar after two decades, was one of the highlights of the grand finale. Haasan invited veteran Telugu producer Dil Raju and Shankar on stage to declare the long-awaited news.

"I got a line for Indian 2 three years back. I developed the theme two years back, and now I've decided to do it finally. I felt that it had to be done now. I had a hunch that Indian 2 will be my next film when I started work on Rajinikanth's 2.0," said director Shankar.

Kamal Haasan said, "We're launching our film on a grand stage. This show is being watched by six and a half crores Tamils living across the globe. I've never had an opportunity to launch any of my film like this. It's surely a never-seen-before occasion."

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