Bigg Boss Tamil ex-contestant Oviya: 'I will never enter the show again as a contestant'

Surendhar MK

August 18, 2017 12:08:34 IST

Bigg Boss Tamil ex-contestant Oviya Helen, who rose to unprecedented fame in the last few weeks before she quit the reality show, has stated that she won't participate in the show again, ending speculation over her possible return.

Oviya candidly addressed various rumors doing rounds on the web about her much-anticipated wild card entry, depression, feelings for Aarav and more.

Oviya Helen. Image via Facebook/Vega Entertainment

Oviya Helen. Image via Facebook/Vega Entertainment

"I have just started reading all the wishes on the internet and realised the unwavering support of my fans. I'm delighted that people have extended an overwhelming welcome to me. I never expected any of this love. I'm genuinely touched and happy," said a visibly elated Oviya.

'Stop abusing and cornering Sakthi and Julie'

After the eviction of Sakthi and Julie from the house, the Oviya Army (that's what Oviya fans are called in Tamil Nadu) has been relentlessly trolling them with obscene jokes and vulgar memes. Oviya has now requested her fans to stop the abuse directed towards Sakthi and Julie, adding that she feels hurt to see them being cornered needlessly.

"Sakthi and Julie were evicted from the house and what they have been experiencing over the past few days is hurtful. I know how it feels to be cornered by a handful of contestants inside the house. I was mentally disturbed when it happened. Now imagine the plight of Sakthi and Julie, who are facing abuse and being cornered by everyone outside. It's not okay. I don't want their ill-feelings, so please stop harassing them," said Oviya.

"Everyone makes mistakes in life. Nobody is perfect. I'm not perfect. Humans are bound to make mistakes. We are not animals. Even our government has pardoned people who have perpetrated heinous crimes. Their (Sakthi and Julie's) mistakes pale in comparison. Please don't disturb them. I truly understand your love, protection, and support for me. But you don't need to show your love for me by hurting others. I don't want those kind of fans," she said.

'I will definitely not enter the Bigg Boss house again as a contestant'

"I will definitely not enter the Bigg Boss house again as a contestant. You can enjoy watching me on the silver screen henceforth. And, you need not watch a movie solely for me. If you really like it, watch it. If you don't like it, please trash the film. I wouldn't mind. I'm going to be back in movies soon," Oviya said, of her future projects.

'I still love Aarav. True love never fails.'

Various reports stated that Oviya was suffering from depression. The actress, however, cleared the air on the same, stating, "I was not depressed or anything. I was relaxing for the past few days and didn't know what was going on the web. As far as Aarav (her fellow contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil) is concerned, 'true love never fails'. You may think that I'm crazy. But I believe in love. After I've started loving someone, I can't hate them for any reason. I'll keep loving (them). My love is true, and I'll get it back for sure."

Her new haircut was also the cause of some conjecture, with many feeling it reflected inner turmoil. Oviya says the truth is far more prosaic. "There were a lot of rumors about my hair cut; that I was at a treatment (facility) or something. I recently had an enjoyable holiday in Varkala and this haircut is my new style [smiles]. Of course, there is a reason (for it). A wig manufacturing company approached me to donate my hair to make wigs for cancer patients. I have seen women who brood over the loss of their hair and go into depression, thinking that their beauty is lost. My mom was a cancer patient, and I know how it feels. Somehow, the wig company's campaign didn't feel right to me. One should have the confidence to carry themselves and accept how they are. That's why I just wanted to have a hair cut," she says.

'Don't follow me or anyone as your role model.'

"I hear people love me immensely and that they think of me as their role model. Please don't do that. Nobody is perfect. I'm not perfect. I make a lot of mistakes. Everyone has a positive and negative side. So, please don't follow anyone. It's like losing your self-respect. It's absolutely your choice to take the positive aspects from a person. But don't blindly follow anyone as your role model. Create your own style and your own statement. Stay happy and be cool."

Updated Date: Aug 18, 2017 12:08 PM